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Montreal Ranked #3 Best City In The World For Millennials, Toronto Ranked #8

Sorry Toronto, you're just not as desirable.
Montreal Ranked #3 Best City In The World For Millennials, Toronto Ranked #8

Big 7 Travel loves its global city best-of lists. The latest one posted on its site takes a look at the 50 best cities in the world for Millennials in 2020. And Montreal came in at the rather prestigious number three spot. 

With the high, and increasingly higher, real estate prices in places like Montreal and Toronto, you would think that Millennials would be fleeing the big city centres. But cities are still drawing in the 20-34-year-old crowd according to the 2019 RBC Economic Research Report.

So why aren't Millennials heading out to more rural locales since it would be so much cheaper? According to Big 7, cities offer more career and personal opportunities. 

Creating the list they took into account criteria like the overall quality of life, cost of living, Millennial trends and city population, and opinions from its own audience on nightlife.

And it looks like we're living in the right province (minus that whole free fry exclusion debacle). Only three Canadian cities managed to make the list, with two of those in Quebec. 

Montreal was given the number three spot due to "Funky festivals" and "a raging nightlife." Big 7 Travel also notes that the city's "tolerance for immigrants" contributes to its title of "best city in Canada for millennials. A great healthcare system and generally welcoming people are both attractive to Millennials, who thought this was the third-best city in the world for them."

Not too shabby. 

Toronto was lauded for its amazing business opportunities for startups and for being socially open and progressive, which landed the city at number eight. 

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At number twenty-one, Quebec City was the only other Canadian spot to make an appearance especially suited for Millennials looking for new job opportunities. 

It also notes that Canada as a whole ranked as the best country for immigrants. 

The top five winners were from countries around the world:

1. Austin, USA

2. Perth, Australia

3. Montreal, Canada

4. Dallas, USA

5. Berlin, Germany

There has to be something said for Montreal coming near the top. The only places to beat us out were Austin and Perth. 

To read the entire list of the 50 best cities for Millenials, head over to Big 7 Travel

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