Best Iced Coffee In Montreal

15 spots to try summer's perfect drink!
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Best Iced Coffee In Montreal

Summertime in Montreal means parks, beers, and bike rides under the sun. We're all super stoked about our favourite season! One of my personal favourite things about summer in Montreal is the cold brew. 

We all love iced coffee, don't we? It's honestly summer's perfect drink. Between a cold beer and a cold brew, the cold brew wins 9 times out of 10. I don't really like any kind of milk in it, but I won't judge you if you take yours with a healthy dose. 

In many coffee shops in Montreal, winter spells the end of the cold brew. For coffee aficionados, the arrival of cold brew in the spring is like a national holiday. We all flock to our favourite coffee shops after a long hibernation of hot lattes and like bears at the stream, patiently wait for our tasty frigid treat. 

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TL;DR MTL Blog brings you a list of Montreal's best iced coffee. We all know you can't wait to have your first one of the season! 

Baristello & Co.

Flawless coffee and delicious sandwiches? Yep, Baristello is amazing with wonderful baristas and incredible brews. A little off the beaten path on Jarry but it's well worth the trip!

Where: 709B Rue Jarry E


Leaves Café

Leaves Café is a vegan coffee paradise that features delicious vegan food options and you can even buy an amazing assortment of plants! All of their milk options are also vegan, so keep that in mind.

Where: 2051 Rue de la Montagne


Café Noble

If you walk out of Laurier metro station and are hit with the smell of coffee beans, don't worry, you're not having a stroke! That's just the delicious aroma of Café Noble beckoning you to its doors.

Where: 430 Laurier Ave E



As one of the only places in the city that offers nitro cold brew, Paquebot is a must-go for coffee lovers. They also have amazing vegan treats and homemade kombucha!

Where: 2110 Bélanger // 123 Mont-Royal Ave W


Café Melbourne

Café Melbourne is Montreal's homage to Australia. They make some incredible iced lattes and delicious breakfast. It's usually super cozy and quiet, so it's also a great spot to study for those finals.

Where: 4615 St Laurent Blvd


L'Express St-Ziotique 

Mostly known as a cute little bistro/restaurant, L'Express Saint-Ziotique is low-key famous for having an amazing frappé. What's a frappé, you ask? Well, its a Greek version of iced coffee made with Nescafé instant coffee, whipped up with milk, sugar, and ice to make one delicious beverage.

Where: 555 Rue Saint-Zotique


Café Ferlucci

Amazing iced lattes, doughy cookies, and the option to put Nutella in your coffee? Where do I sign? Oh right, Café Ferlucci is the place! If you're a Wes Anderson fan, you'll love the cleverly hidden references around the coffee shop, too.

Where: 432 Rue de Castelnau E


Shaughnessy Café

This lovely little café is located in downtown Montreal but you shouldn't expect a huge hustle and bustle on any given day. Probably one of the best places to get a classic iced Americano, Shaughnessy is the perfect and unpretentious Montreal café for the summer.

Where: 1455 Rue Lambert Closse


Café Névé

Névé is a classic third-wave Plateau coffee house that serves up some seriously delicious iced coffee and the most chocolatey cookies you'll ever eat. Its super chill atmosphere gives it a uniquely Montreal Plateau vibe.

Where: 151 Rue Rachel E. // 160 St. Viateur E. // 781 Mont-Royal E.


Lili & Oli 

Lili & Oli is an adorable little coffee shop in St-Henri that is just amazing. With high-quality coffee and amazing grilled cheese, what's not to love? And guess what, they have dogs! Yes, dogs in the cafe that you can pet and play with!

Where: 2713 Notre-Dame St W


Pikolo Espresso Bar

Pikolo is true to its name! This small coffee shop is known for incredible coffee and is renowned for having one of the most flavourful iced lattes in the city.

Where: 3418b du Parc


MELK Bar à Café

MELK is known for its assortment of well, milk options. But did you know they also make a fantastic iced coffee? Sure, you might already love their delicious scones but you should totally try their iced beverages next time you're there.

Where: 1206 Stanley // 5612 Monkland


Café Olimpico

Probably Montreal's most well-known coffee shop, Olimpico makes an incredible Italian-style iced coffee all year long. Have it with a side of biscotti and dunk it in, believe me, you'll love it.

Where: 124 St. Viateur O. // 419 Saint Vincent


Café Myriade

Montreal's second most well-known coffee shop is famous with hipsters and business people, alike, and for good reason. Incredible cold brew and treats are the hallmark attractions of Myriade. If you haven't gone yet, what are you waiting for?

Where: 1432 Mackay // 1000 St. Catherine O. // 4627 St. Denis



Dispatch is the hipster haven of Montreal coffee shops. They're famous in town for having the most up-to-date and trending coffee roasts and flavours all year long. Their iced coffee is particularly fantastic and a perfect summer treat.

Where: 3480 University // 4021 St. Laurent // 267 Saint Ziotique


Which Montreal iced coffee is your favourite?

Teddy Elliot
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