Montreal Neighbourhoods With The Best Halloween Decorations & Most Candy

Full size chocolate bars and candy bags!
Best Trick Or Treat Neighbourhoods In Montreal
  • Halloween is coming up and MTL Blog has you prepared for it with a list of the best neighbourhoods to spend Halloween in Montreal.
  • Besides the generous supplies of candy, the scary decorations in these areas will make this spooky holiday one to remember.

Trick or treating is at the heart and soul of Halloween. On the eve of October 31, as the sun goes down, the streets fill with joyous children (and children at heart) looking to fill their pillowcases with candy and experience a little terror throughout the night. One thing is certain, Montreal has some very generous residents who love to spoil children with a ton of sugary treats during this holiday. This year, why not seek out Montreal’s best kept Halloween secrets? Explore some of the city's most lavish trick-or-treating destinations and most elaborate Halloween decorations.

There are certain neighbourhoods on Montreal Island that are known for giving out better candies on Halloween. The famed “candy bags,” full-size chocolate bars, and festive goodies are what trick or treating dreams are made of. The residents of these following five neighbourhoods are notorious for their incredible generosity when it comes to their sweet giveaways.

The meticulous and over the top décor found throughout the streets of these neighbourhoods truly takes Halloween to new heights.

Be that cool parent or fun aunt who takes your little loved ones on a trick or treat extravaganza that they won't soon forget. 

Town of Mount Royal

The Town of Mount Royal, aka T.M.R, is by far one of the best places to go get the goods on Halloween night. This neighbourhood is known for its picturesque homes and long residential streets.

Halloween is the one day of the year when “outsiders” can get a glimpse into this insular community, as residents open their doors and pass out awesome candy bags and mega chocolate bars, making this a must for anyone in the city with a major sweet tooth.

There is one specific house on Rue Morrison Avenue that is known for its extensive decorations that evoke a scream or two whenever Halloween comes around. This family manages to outdo itself every year, and their haunted house is definitely worth the commute to T.M.R.


Westmount is pretty much the Beverly Hills of Montreal, right?

On Halloween, the owners of these million-dollar homes give away some of the best variety of treats. It is almost as though Westmount residents are unaware that you can buy “fun-size” candy bars to give out because almost every house is giving real-size chocolate bars to trick or treaters. But really, no one's complaining.

Montreal West

Montreal West is a family-oriented neighbourhood that prides itself on its tight-knit community. This quaint borough is largely composed of families, which is why Halloween is such a big deal on the streets of Mo-West.

The homey town goes all out for the holidays, and Halloween is no exception. Spooky decorations and friendly homeowners, who are also generous candy givers, make Montreal West a go-to on Halloween night.


There's something quite spooky about Outremont once the sun goes does, especially when you're walking near the houses situated right next to the cemetery.

This gorgeous Montreal neighbourhood has always been a go-to for Halloween night, and it's no secret why. The large homes, old-trees, and cemetery, combined with the generous residents who love supplying a ton of candy, are what make Outremont a hot spot for Montreal’s trick or treaters.


Bois-Franc is one of the fancier areas in Ville Saint-Laurent, and with fancy homeowners comes fancy candy — and that's what Halloween is all about, right?

The homes in Bois-Franc are large, and so are the candy bars they give out. Every year, children flock to the decorated homes in the area to score big time. And, every year, parents and children from the neighbouring communities flock to Bois-Franc to take advantage of its plentiful Halloween offerings.

What are your favourite Montreal neighbourhoods to spend Halloween?

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