Best New Restaurants To Open In Montreal In The Last Year

25 of the highest rated restaurants of the year for you to try!
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Best New Restaurants To Open In Montreal In The Last Year
  • These are the best new restaurants that have opened in Montreal this past year.
  • The last twelve months have been awesome for foodies in Montreal with new spots cropping up all over the place.
  • Whether you're looking for some authentic Italian, a fancy dessert or some East-Coast cookin', Montreal has it all.

It's easy to find a restaurant you love in Montreal and usually, people tend to stick to their tried and true favourites. But, for every Boustan, there's a budding enterprise that's on the precipice of foodie greatness in the city. 

A new restaurant opens pretty much every single day in Montreal. Though some might think we have too many restaurants, we're lucky enough to have seemingly unlimited options. Instead of going to your classic spot tonight, how about you try one of these brand-new Montreal restaurants? 

Whether you're craving an authentic lobster roll, a fat stack of pancakes or need a new date idea, these fresh new foodie spots in the city are sure to meet and exceed expectations.

Based on user reviews, we've come up with a best-of list for 2018-2019. Without further ado, here are the best new Montreal restaurants to open in the last year! 

Cantine Teré 

What: Cantine Teré is a new Mile-End restaurant that is already known for serving some seriously delicious brunch and inspired Latin-flavoured dishes.

Where: 5427 boulevard St-Laurent

Check them out here!


What: Tendresse is a trendy new addition to the Gay Village, featuring brunch, lunch, and dinner in a creative yet delicate setting. With a $21 table d'hote and nothing on the menu exceeding $20, Tendresse is your new go-to spot.

Where: 1259 Sainte-Catherine E.

Check them out here!


What: Yet another spectacular Italian restaurant with a Mile-End twist. Everything at Radis is vegan! Expect a 100% vegan seasonal menu inspired by the comforts of Italian home cooking in an elegant atmosphere.

Where: 361 rue Bernard Ouest

Check them out here!

Le Comptoir Bonsaï

What: Bonsaï has a simple concept - delicious and filling power bowls inspired by cuisines from all over the Pacific Rim.

Where: 3723A Boulevard St-Laurent

Check them out here!

Fugazzi Pizza

What: An all-new pizza joint in Pointe-St-Charles from the Barroco group. Fugazzi Pizza focuses on creating classic and stunning pizzas that you're certain to fall in love with.

Where: 1886 Rue Centre

Check them out here!

Hello 123

What: Hello 123 is a plant-based bar and restaurant out of Toronto that's recently opened its first Montreal location. You've never had such flavourful vegan food, guaranteed.

Where: 5700 Avenue Monkland

Check them out here!


What: Antoinetta is a modern Italian restaurant that focuses on providing local, market-fresh products and dishes. Antoinetta is truly shaping up to be a foodie paradise.

Where: 6672 Avenue Papineau

Check them out here!


What: Vesta is a modern take on the classic family-run Italian pizzeria. The menu features home-style Italian dishes made with local ingredients.

Where: 206 Rue Jarry E.

Check them out here!

Le Flamant

What: A haute-cuisine gastronomic experience that's part of the revival of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Le Flamant is an excellent addition to Montreal's culinary culture.

Where: 4043 Rue Ontario E.

Check them out here!


What: Called a "gastronomic dessert bar," Ratafia is one of the few dessert-only restaurants in Montreal. Open late and offering a wide variety of tasting options and dessert alcohols, Ratafia is a must-try the next time you've got a date with a sweet tooth.

Where: 6778 Boulevard St-Laurent

Check them out here!


What: As one of the fanciest options on this list, Marcus sure doesn't have fancy prices! The most expensive thing on the menu is a $220 steak, but otherwise, no worries. Located in the all-new Four Seasons Hotel, Marcus is a sure bet. Sure, it's fine dining but it's totally worth it. Another awesome potential date spot.

Where: 1440 Rue de la Montagne

Check them out here!


What: Dandy has quickly become one of Montreal's go-to brunch spots. Go see what all the hype is about!

Where: 244 Rue St-Jacques

Check them out here!

Le Fricot

What: As one of the first Acadian seafood restaurants in Montreal, Le Fricot brings a unique East Coast flavour to Montreal's restaurant landscape.

Where: 2661 Notre-Dame Ouest

Check them out here!


What: Influenced by Argentinian and Mediterranean cuisines, two brothers bring us Beba, a new addition to Verdun's budding gastronomic community.

Where: 3900 Rue Éthel

Check them out here!


What: Hanzo is a classic Japanese izakaya inspired by the Crazy 88 scene in Kill Bill - just a lot less bloody. If you don't know what that is, check it out here (warning: very violent).

Where: 417 Rue Saint Nicolas

Check them out here!

Le 409 

What: An Indian gastropub in the Old Port that'll make you feel like you're in a Wes Anderson movie! Definitely worth a try next time you're craving a masala.

Where: 409 Rue McGill

Check them out here!

Mae Sri Comptoir Thaï 

What: Catering to the McGill University crowd, Mae Sri offers classic Thai comfort food like giant bowls of noodles and flavourful soups.

Where: 224 rue Milton

Check them out here!

Code Vert

What: Code Vert is yet another wonderful Montreal vegan restaurant that serves up some seriously delicious burgers and vegan pizza.

Where: 1216 Rue Bishop

Check them out here!

Osteria Gallo

What: A casual Italian eatery that serves up authentic homemade dishes in a trendy atmosphere. Clearly, 2019 is the year of Italian eats in Montreal!

Where: 7950 rue St-Hubert

Check them out here!

Kinoya Kushi Bar

What: Montreal's first-ever kushikatsu bar has been a hit ever since it opened! Come taste incredible Japanese meat skewers in a funky anime-inspired atmosphere.

Where: 1242 rue Bishop

Check them out here!

JackRose Table & Club

What: This all-new tropical-themed spot in the Plateau is already a favourite among locals for its delicious dishes and 1.5-litre sangria pitchers!

Where: 4560 Boulevard St-Laurent

Check them out here!

Station Berlin

What: Station Berlin is the only place in Montreal where you can find classic German-Turkish street food like doner kebab and currywurst! Recommended with a tall glass of beer.

Where: 3751 Rue St-Urbain

Check them out here!

Saint Burger

What: Saint Burger is an all-new 24-hour burger bar in Montreal that serves up huge and juicy gourmet burgers, poutine, and onion rings. Oh yeah, and all their ingredients are local and hormone-free.

Where: 475 Boulevard St-Laurent

Check them out here!

Wrap Kings 

What: Re-invented Lebanese-style wraps are all the rage at Wrap Kings. Made with the freshest ingredients, Wrap Kings is a family-run business that believes in quality.

Where: 1502 Rue de Bleury

Check them out here!

Bon Appetit, Montreal!

All research done in this article is by the author. Restaurants never pay to be featured on MTL Blog's "Best Of" lists; furthermore, this list represents a showcase of great spots, and is not a numbered ranking.

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