Best Places To Cry In Public In Montreal This Winter

Seven great spots for a snowy sob.
Best Places To Cry In Public Around Montreal This Winter
  • As the days begin to get longer, it seems most of us can't help but feel a whole lot sadder than we did in the summer. This is why MTL Blog has made a list of the best places to cry in public in Montreal, so you know where to go when the tears start to fall.
  • From shedding tears during an exam to crying when you hear a sad song in an uber, we've all been there.
  • Find out where you can have your best snowy sobs around the city below!

Crying is a natural part of human life but for some reason, there's a terrible stigma around it... Along with this stigma comes the societal belief that you should avoid crying in public, which can sometimes be difficult. You can't always keep it in, and sometimes it's better if you didn't. So, if you've been caught before with a tear at your eye, in a throng of people somewhere far too public to be crying - know you're not alone and keep reading to find out where the best places to cry in public in Montreal are.

I'm a believer that one should always let the tears flow, regardless if you're making someone uncomfortable or not. Tears are a natural part of life and, like farts, are better out than in.

For this reason, I have contemplated what the best and most effective places to cry in public are in Montreal. Each of these places is tailored to a specific kind of tear shedding, so be sure to consider the intricacies of an environment before you go have a big bawl there.

Frustrated Cry In A Bus Shelter

Bus late again? So angry you could punch a nun? Just tuck yourself into a bus shelter and let it protect you from the windchill as your tears slowly freeze to your cheeks.

Just because they've made you cry, doesn't mean they've won.

It only means they've made you late.


Broke Cry At The Eaton Centre

The holidays are such a lovely time for showering our friends in gifts to show them how much we love them.

It's also a lovely time to slide into a financially-induced depression fueled by debt. If you felt that last sentence deeply, head to the Eaton Centre to shed some tears over your last dollars.

For a couple extra bucks, head to the all-new Time Out Market and fill the hole in your heart with food.

Cry For The Environment At The Base Of The Monument George-Étienne-Cartier

Does it feel like the government is still doing nothing about the environment?

Do you still see douchebags left and right with their cars running to keep warm while they simultaneously fill our atmosphere with carbon that is not-so-slowly heating our planet to an irreversible place?

Take a walk to the historic site of the Montreal Climate Strike, where activist Greta Thunberg stood as a champion for the change we were demanding in our country, and sob deeply at the knowledge that we likely all accomplished nothing.

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Stress Cry In The Library

For some, school is still the solitary decider of your schedule. It decides where you are and when. It decides who you see and event, to an extent, who you are.

Are you on the right path? Did you choose the right major? Are you ready for exams? How did you do on your last paper?

If you're ready for a stress cry, McGill's McLennan Library or Concordia's Webster Library are both well known for their protective stacks where you can weep your future away.

Lonely Cry In An Uber

The world is a lonely place, increasingly so with the rise of the Internet and social media. If you're feeling like you need to get out in the world but don't really have anyone to go out with... call an Uber.

There you can have a nice, warm, lonely cry as the city rushes past you.

Pretend you're in a movie. Perhaps your Prince Charming will turn around from the front seat an offer you a complimentary Kleenex.

5 stars, of course.

Happy Cry In The Old Port 

Not all cries are sad cries. In fact, some of my favourite cries happen after a hearty bout of laughter or the sentimental climax of a movie.

Montreal's Old Port is a great place for an impromptu happy cry.

The beautiful old buildings, the enchanting ice rink and the potential for fireworks are enough to get even the grouchiest grump even a little verklempt.

So, let it happen!

Existential Cry At The Planétarium

Another cry that is neither good nor bad, the existential cry is often a result of acknowledging our connection to the universe - both the feeling of being so, so small and simultaneously at one with an infinite grandeur.


You been watching One Strange Rock on Netflix? Me, too, bro. Shit's deep. Sometimes it makes me feel like a cry.

And there's no better place in Montreal for a public, existential cry, than the Planetarium.

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