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The Most Popular Ramen Bar In Toronto Is Opening A Location In Quebec

One of Toronto’s most loved ramen spots, Ramen Isshin, is coming to Quebec!

"Ramen Isshin means One Heart One Ramen," according to the restaurant website. "Our happiness is your happiness & we always want to make you smile."

Executive Chef Koji Zenimaru’s created and developed the restaurant's impressive menu. The self-described "authentic" flavours are inspired by his “personal experiences as well as his memorable travels through Japan.” 

The noodle is a big part of the ramen experience and if you are an extreme carb lover like me, you know that the noodle can make or break any dish.

This is why I was excited to read that the Isshin team tried “over eight hundred different typed of noodles and combinations before settling on" the final two that customers can enjoy.

"Our signature Ramen is our Wok Fried Red Miso Ramen," the restaurant website explains. "Every bowl starts in the wok. A generous handful of veggies mixed with our signature blend of red & white miso, sake and other seasonings are fired up. Tonkotsu broth is added and brought to a piping hot temperature, this is then poured over a fresh bed of noodles. This process melds all the flavours perfectly together to give it that unique Isshin taste."

There are also a lot of vegetarian options! Their goal was to give “vegetarian customers the same taste, texture & most importantly experience that one would have eating our Isshin Tonkotsu Ramen.”  

Details on the exact location of the Ramen Isshin franchise in Quebec are under wraps, but General Manager Tony Ho tells MTL Blog that more announcements are forthcoming!

A post to Facebook confirms that the Quebec team is in training!

Online, customer reviews speak for themselves!

"Ramen Isshin has been hands down my favourite ramen in Toronto for a long time," wrote one reviewers.

The general consensus is that the restaurant deserves the hype!

We can't wait to be able to try Isshin in Quebec!

Isshin Ramen in Quebec

What: Ultra-popular Toronto ramen franchise!

Where: TBA!

When: TBA!

Check it out here!

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