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21 Best Soft-Serve Ice Cream Spots In Montreal

From matcha to cold brew floats, and of course the classic vanilla & chocolate swirl!
21 Best Soft-Serve Ice Cream Spots In Montreal

On hot days like these, there's only one cure to beat the heat: ice cream. The sweet, creamy treat is the best way to instantly feel a little cooler.

Whether you're celebrating, mourning, stress-eating or something in between, ice cream is always there for you. Unlike your terrible A.C, it will never let you down!

Soft-serve is an underrated kind of ice cream, and we've got an abundance of great places that serve up swirls of the photogenic frozen desert. Read on for a list of some of the best soft-serve in Montreal.


Where: 3880 Boul. St-Laurent

This is probably my favourite ice cream shop in the city: their Kulfi ice cream, as well as their chai latte ice cream, are fantastic. They also have a fun array of soft-serve ice cream.

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Kem Coba

Where: 60 Avenue Fairmount O.

Kem Coba is famous for their exotic ice cream flavours. Their soft-serve ice cream is handmade with care, and you can tell when you eat it. Not to mention the fact that it's gorgeous to look at (and photograph!).

For more info, click here.


Where: 1300 Ave. Laurier E.

Not even gonna lie to you, I interrupted this article to go get some mint chocolate chip ice cream from Bo-Bec. That's how good it is: you'll have it once and you'll never stop thinking about it.

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Where: 230 Rue Rachel E.

This innovative new ice cream shop in the Plateau makes dairy-free ice cream. The shop just opened this year and it's already making waves with its delicious soft-serve ice cream.

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Crèmerie Meu Meu

Where: 4458 Rue St-Denis

What: This artisanal ice cream shop has a variety of flavours that they cycle through, so you can expect to try something new every time you go!

Check it out here!

Hoche Glacé

Where: 2225 Ave. Bennett

What: Three words: vegan soft serve. You can top your ice cream with a variety of toppings like sprinkles, nuts, and berries. You can even make awesome vegan parfaits with a chocolate coulis sauce.

Check it out here!

Ca Lem

Where: 6926 Rue Sherbrooke O.

What: Ca Lem is known for its wide and colourful selection of ice cream. The NDG creamery has a host of Asian-inspired ice cream flavours, and they all rock.

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Where: 3813 A Rue St-Denis

Three words: cheesecake-flavoured cones. This ice cream shop offers this and so much more with concoctions guaranteed to delight your sweet tooth.

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Pizzeria Gema

Where: 6827 Rue St-Dominique

This place offers frozen custard, soft serve's creamier, sweeter cousin. A true delight for those looking to try something new.

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Glace des Arts

Where: 1635 Rue Clark

This gourmet ice cream shop in place des arts (yes, the pun is great) serves up some seriously wonderful flavours, which change on a regular basis. French vanilla? Blackberry and tarragon? Yes, please!

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Chocolats Favoris

Where: Locations across the city and the North and South Shores.

What: Personally, I'm obsessed with this place. The chocolate is fan-tas-tic. The soft serve that you dip the chocolate into is fantastic as well. YUM!

Check it out here!

Les Givrés

Where: Locations across the city.

This ice cream shop is known for its wild and whacky flavours like ginger and pumpkin spice. It's delicious funky — oh, and it's open all year round.

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Mlle Catherine

Where: 423 Place Jacques-Cartier

This café in the Old Port is beautiful, and it serves beautifully simple ice cream in super fun cones. Delicious and sweet, just the way it should be.

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Le Blueboy

Where: 150 Ave. du Mont-Royal E.

What: Le Blueboy is an artisan creamery with insanely large ice cream portions. Just check out the monster below.

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La Diperie

Where: Locations across the city.

What: Sure, you don't necessarily go to the Diperie for the soft-serve itself, but you sure as heck go for their variety of toppings. My personal favourite? Green tea and sprinkles. Delicious AND insta-worthy. They even have vegan options!

Check it out here!

La Dolce Vita

Where: 3776 Rue St-Charles N., Kirkland

La Dolce Vita is a tiny and underrated gelato shop in the West Island. It has some of the best gelato in the city, and their soft serve is pretty darn good too.

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Crémerie Pinault

Where: Several locations in Laval.

This Laval creamery makes soft serve in a ton of interesting combos. It's a staple for a reason: every flavour on the menu is delicious.

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Monsieur Crémeux

Where: 43 Rue Beaubien E.

This quaint ice cream shop has some seriously delicious ice cream. I mean, have you ever had pistachio soft serve before?? It even has an adorable little ice cream truck.

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Le Patio Bar Laitier

Where: 836 Ave. du Mont-Royal E.

What: This ice cream store near the Mont-Royal metro station has a lot of options for your vegan needs. Le Patio has super generous portions, too, so you can enjoy a good helping of your favourite treat.

Check it out here!

Noble Café

Where: 430 Ave. Laurier E.

This café has a very peculiar specialty: a cold brew soft serve. It's a more grown-up ice cream float, and it is delicious. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. Everyone is obsessed, and you should be too.

Check out their Facebook page for more.

Matcha Zanmai

Where: 1428 Rue Mackay

This all-matcha-everything spot in downtown Montreal has matcha soft serve. I repeat: MATCHA.SOFT.SERVE. If you're a lover of the delicious green powder, I highly recommend a swirl of this ice cream. Available in cone and in Sundae formats!

Read our article for more info.

That completes our list of the best soft-serve ice cream in Montreal. Test as many out as you can this summer. Just watch out for brainfreeze...

Stay cool out there friends.

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