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Best Tacos In Montreal

Forget Taco Tuesday... Tacos everyday!
Best Tacos In Montreal 2019

Let’s be real... tacos are not just for Tuesday, they are good on literally any day of the week. That's why we had to bring you this list of the best tacos in Montreal. (Trust me, this is coming from seasoned foodie with opinions on everything from tacos to gyros... which is like a Greek taco, if you think about it...)

Tacos are a fan favourite to so many of us and the reason for that is because they are so. damn. good! 

People love tacos because there is something for everyone to try, from vegetarian and vegan options to meat-filled tortillas, there is something about tacos that seems to bring people together.

I must admit that a few years back, Montreal was lacking in the taco area, however, we have redeemed ourselves and have since filled our city with some of the most epic taco joints, all of which you have to try. 

In a city that is so rich in culture and so full of amazing food, it comes as no surprise that our city has figured out a way to add Mexican cuisine to their long list of successful eateries. 

Although there are so many amazing taco joints, there are a few that, in my opinion, really stand out! 


Where: 67, Rue Beaubien Est

Located on Beaubien Est near Boulevard Saint-Laurent, this small and quaint taco joint is without a doubt one of the best our city has to offer.

Caifan is not your average taco spot. This eatery goes beyond tacos and serves some amazing soups and alambres as well as some of the most decadent steak tacos you have ever tried.

If you have yet to pig out at Caifan, make it a point to check it out, it is that good.

Vist their website here!


Where: Three locations in Montreal and one in Laval, visit their website below for specifics!

Escondite is one of my new favorite restaurants when I am craving Mexican food. This trendy and unique taqueria puts a cool and edgy twist on classic Mexican dishes.

With amazing taco’s and cocktails and it’s adorable and stylish décor, this is an ideal spot for a night out with friends or for a date night.

Visit their website here!

Tacos Frida

Where: 4350 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

When it comes to restaurants, there is something to say when it is a family affair. Family-run establishments put a different kind of love into their dishes and Tacos Frida is no different.

Clients can pig out on some of the tastiest chicken and beef carnitas and some of the best mushroom tacos you will ever try.

To make this spot even better, there are also grocery items available for pickup and purchase so that you can bring this homemade goodness back to your place!

Visit their website here!

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Where: 5435 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal

When it comes to details, Mais has got it covered.

This taco joint, located on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, offers an amazing variety of classic tacos.

However, where Mais truly stands out is in its innovative dishes like their carrot, pumpkin seed, and lime crema taco, which are even more incredible than they sound.

The sides, sauces, and cocktails are a perfect match to the mouth-watering dishes you will find at this eatery.

Visit their website here!


Where: 6448 Saint-Laurent, Montreal

Seeing how this eatery is right across the street from my house, I have spent many days indulging in the goodness that is Fortune Taco.

This cute and cozy taco joint is located on Boulevard Saint-Laurent and it just so happens to serve up some of the yummiest tacos on the island.

The impressive menu includes both classic dishes as well as modern plates, which makes for a great variety of flavors to pick from.

Not to mention that this restaurant has some of the most epic cocktails you will try on the Island of Montreal.

Visit their website here!


Where: 51 rue Roy Est

IceHouse was without a doubt my favorite date spot when I was single. Not only is the food incredible but the lone star décor is magnetic.

Although this may not be a typical Mexican joint, this eatery does cook up some of the best tacos in our city, and their chef is one of two Montreal restauranteurs on this season of Iron Chef Canada.

The uniqueness that is found in every bite is what keeps clients coming back time and time again. My favorite dish is by far the fried chicken tacos topped with ranch dressing and of course a big margarita to wash it down!

Trust me when I tell you, IceHouse is a go-to for any food lover in our city.

Check them out on Facebook!

Maria Bonita

Where: 5163 Boul St-Laurent

Maria Bonita is an elegant option when you are craving some kick-ass Mexican food. This eatery brings some of the most powerful and authentic Mexican flavours to our city and their bing worthy dishes are jam-packed with taste.

This authentic Mexican eatery is known for its quality, taste, and consistency which is why their clients keep coming back for more.

Visit their website here!

Mr. Azteca

Where: 7349 Rue Saint Hubert

Mr. Azteca is one of those spots that has you craving their dishes almost immediately after eating them.

Not only is the food outstanding but the price is also awesome. For only 5$ you can get up to four tacos!

The menu also includes a ton of burritos, quesadillas, and tortas, all of which are sure to have your taste buds thanking you.

If you are going to check this spot out, make sure you leave room to try some of their homemade desserts!

Check them out on Facebook here!

Now you're totally prepared to get yourself some amazing tacos in Montreal...

The only hard part now will be choosing which of these awesome spots you'll actually go to.

Here's an idea: why not try them all?!

All research done in this article is by the author. Restaurants never pay to be featured on MTL Blog's "Best Of" lists; furthermore, this list represents a showcase of great spots, and is not a numbered ranking.

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