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Best Trips To See Fall Foliage In New England & New York From Montreal
  • Here are 21 of the best trips to see fall foliage in New England and New York from Montreal.
  • The regions immediately across the border abound with quaint, underrated villages — all of them great spots to leaf peep.

It may come as a surprise but Quebec doesn't have a monopoly on the most amazing places to see fall foliage. Our friends south of the border also have some of the most beautiful spots in the world to visit during the autumn. 

Maybe you feel you've been everywhere you can in Quebec or just want to experience something new by way of the U.S., either way, these 21 places will have you setting up your playlist, jumping in the car, and heading south for a road trip.  

The timing doesn't get better than now to plan your weekend away. Most of the foliage is already at its peak, or just about to hit it, throughout the Northeast United States. Just in case you want to double-check when it will hit its most beautiful reds and yellow, you can check out the foliage trackers we included for each state.  

It was difficult to narrow the list down. Some of these spots are so picture-perfect (like the blueberry barrens), the photos actually look like paintings. But whether you want to drive, hike, grab a train, we've got you covered. 

Keep reading to find out the 21 best U.S road trips from Montreal to see the last of this year's fall foliage.  

Stowe, VT

Drive/Distance: 2.5 hours; 171.6 km

The picturesque town sits at the base of Mount Mansfield. Every possible outdoor activity you could think of to enjoy the last of fall is here: hiking, biking, ziplines, rock climbing, and gondola rides are all on the menu.

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Montpelier, VT

Drive/Distance: 2.5 hours; 210 km

Montpelier is the smallest state capital in the U.S. but what it lacks in population it more than makes up for in meadows, birch groves, forests and even a lively art scene.

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Westmore, VT

Drive/Distance: 2 hours; 193 km

Westmore is tiny. Tiny as in a few hundred people tiny. But Mount Pisgah is located here — a 6.5 km hike in the Willoughby State Forest that has lake and mountain views that will take your breath away.

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Arlington, VT

Drive/Distance: 4 hours; 346.5 km

Arlington makes for a perfect home base if you plan to travel the Molly Stark Byway, Vermont’s southern-most byway and perhaps the most beautiful.

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Blue Hill, ME

Drive/Distance: 6 hours 19 min (482.2 km)

If you have never seen blueberry barrens, this is the only reason you need to go to Blue Hill (although there are many). The expansive fields light up a shade of such intense red that it nearly looks surreal. If you prefer your foliage on trees, take a walk up Blue Hill Mountain panoramic views.

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Moosehead Lake, ME

Drive/Distance: 6 hours 19 min (482.2 km)

If you love 1) hiking and 2) fall foliage then you have to make a trip to Moosehead Lake. Just be careful on the drive. There are over 70,000 moose in the area which is great for your chance to sight one in the wild but makes driving at night tricky.

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Bethel, ME

Drive/Distance: 3 hours 45 minutes; 304.3 km

This mountain gem has some of the best scenic drives. There is a covered-bridge driving tour of the area and the Evans Notch mountain pass will take you through some of the most vibrant colours.

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Hermit Island, ME

Distance: 6 hours; (444 km)

You might be able to get in one more weekend of camping before it's too cold. And Hermit Island is the place to do it. The nature tours are insane — everything from visiting secret turquoise beaches to hiking through wooded forests.

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Northampton, MA

Drive/Distance: 5 hours 52 minutes; (444 km)

Dubbed "Paradise City," Northampton is a true gem in the Berkshires. You can stick to the town and check out the botanic gardens or use it as home base for one of many scenic drives that will take you through the area.

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Shelburne Falls, MA

Drive/Distance: 4. 5 hours; 437.9 km

The Bridge of Flowers, a 400-foot-long trolley bridge that is now a footpath, will give you the most enviable Instagram pics. There are over 500 varieties of flowers that bloom well through October. The bridge is covered in leaves, petals, vines, and fronds.

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Stockbridge, MA

Drive/Distance: 4 hours 10 min; 416.8 km

To think how picture-perfect this town is, just know that Norman Rockwell painted many of his works here. Make sure to stop in to see the Berkshire Botanical Garden.

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Ashburnham, MA

Drive/Distance: 4 hours 41 minutes, 437.7 km

This is a hiker's dream come true. The historic town sits high up on undeveloped Mount Watatic (elevation 1,028 ft). The rocky double summit offers blanket views of stunning fall colours in every direction.

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Clayton, NY 

Drive/Distance: 3 hours; 265.5 km

Clayton is a sleepy summer town that is magical in its own right. The best way to see fall foliage here in the heart of the Thousand Islands is to grab a boat and tour the area.

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Letchworth State Park, NY

Drive/Distance: 6 hours; 600 km

This is one of the most breathtaking, stunning, jaw-dropping (choose any adjective) parks. It is known as the "Grand Canyon of the East" as the Genesee River moves through the massive gorge and over three major waterfalls. Rent a heated cabin and enjoy over 100 kilometres of hiking trails.

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Catskill, NY

Drive/Distance: 4 hours; 409.1 km

No self-respecting U.S. road trip list could miss out on a drive through the Catskills. Drive, hike, camp or choose a B&B to stay in the town of Catskill. No matter how you choose to check out the colours, it will be amazing

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Franconia, NH

Drive/Distance: 2 hours 52 minutes; 279.8 km

You will find Franconia nestled by the Franconia Notch State Park, home to Flume Gorge — an absolute must-see while you're there. It's a natural 800-foot long gorge flanked by 70 - 90-foot walls of granite. If you make it to the top you will see Avalanche Falls.

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Hanover, NH

Drive/Distance: 3 hours 10 min; 301.9 km

You have access to the Connecticut River, the Appalachian Trail, and the nearby mountains for all your leaf-peeping needs. This town is so well known for its fall colours that it brings in millions of tourists a year.

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Wolfeboro, NH

Drive/Distance: 4.5 hours; 398.1 km

Wolfeboro by Lake Winnipesaukee is “The Oldest Summer Resort in America." Living here is kind of like living on vacation. Take a trip to White Mountain National Forest or check out some of the wineries to take in the last days of October.

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North Conway, NH

Drive/Distance: 3 hours 55 minutes; 355.4 km

There are so many, many options here. But why not park the car and jump the train. The Conway Scenic Railroad will take you on a two-hour or six-hour tour through the most scenic routes.

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Jackson, NH

Drive/Distance: 3 hours 50 minutes; 353.0 km

How could you not fall in love with a town you enter through a covered bridge. This village comes alive in the fall. Check out the Jackson Scenic Loop which you can do on foot, by bike or car for 8 km of mountain scenery.

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Peterborough, NH

Drive/Distance: 4 h 30 min (415.5 km)

Peterborough is the perfect base camp if you want to take on Mount Monadnock, one of the most climbed mountains in the world. The views from the top are exactly what you went on this road trip for.

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We're nearing the height of fall foliage in many places in the northeast, if you still want to be able to catch a glimpse of the leaves before they're gone, you should plan a trip sooner rather than later.

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