BIXI Is Officially Expanding To Five New Neighbourhoods In Montreal This Summer

Montreal is going to see a thousand new BIXI bikes in April of this year!
BIXI Is Officially Expanding To Five New Neighbourhoods In Montreal This Summer

If you've spent even one summer in Montreal you know that BIXI bikes are a staple here. 

And now more Montrealers than ever are going to be able to reap the benefits of BIXI bikes, as the bike sharing service expands to five new neighbourhoods in Montreal.

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TL;DR Five new neighbourhoods in Montreal are getting BIXI bikes as part of BIXI-Montreal's expansion, which will mean 1,000 new bikes and over 2,000 new stations. Check out the new hoods below!

Whether you're trying to get to Parc La Fontaine or Quai des Brumes, a BIXI can get you there quickly, without the commitment of riding your own bike home.

BIXI lets you bike one way and then take the metro home if you're lazy, and that is exactly the kinda girl I am.

And now, BIXI is planning to expand to five new neighbourhoods in Montreal. 

The neighbourhoods are:

1. Lachine
2. Saint-Laurent
3. Montreal-North
4. Anjou
5. Saint-Leonard

These neighbourhoods should be ready to receive BIXI bikes by April of 2019, so if you live in these areas, your summer just got a hundred times better and BIXI-er.

In increasing their zones, Montreal will see 1,000 new BIXI bikes, 2,625 new bike docks, and 60 new BIXI stations.

This expansion comes hand-in-hand with a new ten-year contract between the City of Montreal and BIXI-Montreal.

The goal is to eventually expand the service to all 19 districts in Montreal, up from the current 11, between now and 2028.

This year's expansion puts the bike sharing service just four neighbourhoods away from their longterm goal.

After the 5.3 million recorded BIXI journeys last year, it's clear that the bike sharing service is only getting bigger and better. 

BIXI-Montreal alone has seen a 220% growth in use over the past five years.

As per BIXI, Montreal currently boasts the third biggest bike-sharing network in North America and has seen 1.3 million riders make over 38 million journeys on BIXI bikes.

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Montreal is also the first city in North America to implement a payment system that incorporates bike sharing and public transit. 

If you didn't know, you can purchase an unlimited monthly BIXI pass at half price when you also purchase an unlimited monthly OPUS card.

You can then use your OPUS card to purchase BIXI rides, making your summer commute totally seamless.


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