BIXI Just Introduced Electric Bikes In Montreal & They're Actually Super Affordable

Everyone can afford these new modes of transportation.
BIXI Just Introduced Electric Bikes In Montreal & They're Actually Super Affordable

Thank god. If there's one thing that Montreal needs it's another mode of two-wheeled transportation. But this one may actually work out without all those pesky, difficult-to-address issues other bike share programs are seeing (sorry, Lime).

BIXI announced that their new blue electric power-assisted bikes are finally available to rent as of yesterday. And the great news is that they're only $1 more than renting a regular BIXI.

After the overwhelmingly positive response to the 2018 pilot project that tested 60 electric bikes on the road, the city has finally given the OK for commuters to make the choice between foot or electric-powered bikes. 

From August 26 to November 15 you can rent either of the ride-sharing bikes. And renting the electric version is just as easy as before; rent the e-bikes at BIXI stations and return them to any free docking terminal that has space.

And seriously, it's only $1 more per ride. A regular BIXI is $3.25 per half hour. So you're looking at under $5 to rent one of their electric versions for thirty minutes. That's it. One buck is added on to every ride regardless if you're a member or a casual user. That seems like a surprisingly fair deal. 

You can't pay at the regular pay stations like with the other bikes. But there are three ways to rent an electric BIXI:

1. With the BIXI app

2. With the BIXI key

3. With a preregistered OPUS card

The blue electric bikes take approximately four hours to charge and can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h. For a little comparison, the new Lime e-scooters reach speeds of 20 km/h while Uber's electric JUMP bikes can get up to 32 km/h.

Price wise, the BIXI e-bikes are comparatively cheaper than Lime or JUMP. JUMP and Lime cost is $0.30 per minute, which works out to about $9 per half hour. And with Lime you also pay a $1 unlocking fee. 

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According to the mayor of Montreal "BIXI's popularity continues unabated and the fact that today we are launching another mobility option for Montrealers is proof of this. I am convinced that the new electric bicycles will appeal to the population of Montreal, make the service even more accessible and reach an even more diversified clientele." 

And as with the other electric bikes, it is mandatory to wear a helmet at all times.  

Have you tried any of the electric transit options that have been rolling out across Montreal? What do you think? 

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