Election Results In Quebec Have Sparked Harsh Twitter Reactions From Western Canada

Le Québec, c'est nous - but what about the rest of Canada?
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Election Results In Quebec Have Sparked Harsh Twitter Reactions From Western Canada
  • Bloc Québécois won 32 seats in the federal election last night, and people in Western Canada have not been reacting lightly to it.
  • It seems Quebec may not be the only separatist province in Canada anymore.
  • Find out what people are saying on Twitter about the Bloc's victory below!

During last night’s federal election, we saw a resurgence of the Bloc Québécois as they gained 22 more seats than they did in the 2015 election. Quebec takes up the second-highest number of seats for the provinces, so Quebec voices get a louder voice than most provinces. Quebec holds 78 out of the total 338 seats, and the 32 seats that Bloc Québécois won last night have left the rest of Canada with questions. Is the Bloc looking to separate Quebec from the rest of Canada, again? What does the Bloc taking seats away from the other parties signify? What role does the Bloc play in creating a “divided Canada”?

No matter how one feels about the party itself, the Bloc's leader Yves-François Blanchet is undoubtedly an educated man who knows what he wants for his province, and with his charismatic character, he knows how to attract a large audience. 

One of the main aspects of Blanchet's speech last night said he would ensure that the oil from potential pipelines would not go through Quebec, and this has the people of Alberta talking. Some people immediately considered this part of his separatist values, which then caused Albertans to react with their #wexit movement.

If you’d like to get more informed about what the Bloc Québécois actually stands for, visit their website.

Most people are believing that the Liberals would have won a majority if it wasn't for the Bloc.

If Quebec can be self-serving, so can the West coast.

They continue this thread by saying "Canada you have never looked so divided":

Did you really have to bring the weather into this?

While some are quite bitter about Quebec's power in the election, others are seeing the Bloc's politics as a blueprint for other provinces to use.

But, will Albertans actually do what they've continuously criticized Quebecers for doing?

This seems to be a salient opinion about our province also:

And, apparently, some of our own people think it also.

Some people don't seem to be seeing it as all bad, though.

Others straight up just aren't even sure how Bloc Québécois is a party in this election, although they have been a federal party since 1991.

The questions continue:

But hey — some people thank Bloc Québécois for saving the election from a Liberal majority!

The most recognizable theme when it comes to Bloc Québécois seems to be that it is causing a break up between Quebec and Alberta. 

These two provinces aren't likely to be hitting it off too well in the upcoming years.

Are you feeling this confusion also?

But, could either of these provinces ever really separate from Canada? That's something that only the future knows...

Some have even gone as far as to create an outline for what a reformed Canadian political system should look like so that Quebec and Ontario don't hold the majority of the say.

And, then there's this thought:

In important news:

And to conclude, farewell Bernier.

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