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The STM Has Released Plans That Show Exactly Where The New Blue Line Stations Will Be

The project continues to move forward.
Blue Line Extension Station Entrance Locations Shown In Plans On STM Website

Nothing can stop the STM. Despite current circumstances, the transit company is pushing forward with its major initiatives, including the Montreal blue line extension. Plans posted to the project website show the planned locations of the new station entrances along the almost six-kilometre route.

"Despite the current situation, our projects continue to move forward!" the STM wrote in a LinkedIn post on Wednesday.

"Since the extension of the blue line is not yet under construction, the mandatory pause in construction has no real impact on this project. Our teams are continuing the design phase of the new infrastructures in teleworking."

The five-station extension will connect the current terminus in Saint-Michel to the Galeries d'Anjou mall in the borough of Anjou, near the intersection of autoroutes 25 and 40 in the East End.

The new infrastructure will be universally accessible and integrate with the bus network.

A subterranean tunnel will connect to the future bus rapid transit line on boulevard Pie-IX and a new bus terminus will be adjacent to the metro station at Anjou.

The plans also show multiple street entrances for each of the stations.

See the planned orientations below.

[rebelmouse-image 26885786 photo_credit="STM" expand=1 original_size="600x338"] STM

[rebelmouse-image 26885787 photo_credit="STM" expand=1 original_size="600x338"] STM

[rebelmouse-image 26885788 photo_credit="STM" expand=1 original_size="600x338"] STM

[rebelmouse-image 26885789 photo_credit="STM" expand=1 original_size="600x338"] STM

[rebelmouse-image 26885790 photo_credit="STM" expand=1 original_size="600x338"] STM

All station names are provisional. The STM website states that names will be chosen through a process that will be defined at a later date.

The company has further committed to sustainable development, including "mitigation of construction impacts on the community and the environment," a "reduction of impacts associated with the materials used," the "remediation of contaminated land," the "reduction of operational impacts," and "improvement of plant cover."

The STM has just concluded its public consultations for the project.

[rebelmouse-image 26885791 photo_credit="Jerome Cid | Dreamstime" expand=1 original_size="4500x3000"] Jerome Cid | Dreamstime

The next steps, according to its current timeline, are the beginning of preparatory work and, in 2021, the beginning of construction.

The blue line extension isn't the only major public transit work occurring in the city.

The réseau express métropolitain (REM), a light-rail network, will connect the South Shore, downtown, and West Island with service as rapid and frequent as the metro.

The City of Montreal has also called for a two-station orange metro line extension from the current western terminus at Côte-Vertu to Bois-Franc, where it would meet the REM.

Montreal's transit future looks bright.

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