Breaking: Emergency Situation in Montreal's Verdun

Police are on the scene.
Breaking: Emergency Situation in Montreal's Verdun

We have just received news of a hostage situation in a residential building in Verdun.

We know that people are inside right now, with, allegedly, one dead and one person, possibly the suspect, still in the building.

TL;DR An alleged hostage situation is unfolding right now in Verdun close to the L'Église metro station. Police are on the scene right now. According to our sources, one person has been killed.

Update: we now know that this is not a hostage situation. A man suffering from mental health issues and barricaded himself in a room. It is unclear wether or not anyone else was in the room, and police are reporting that there are no dead. Read more here.

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Police are on the scene right now. This is close to the De l'Église metro station.

Roads around the building are currently closed, and tankers are on the scene.

According to our sources, trains from Lionel Groulx are not running. De L'Eglise metro station on the Green Line is also closed.

[De L'Église métro station] 🚇⛔️⚠️ : East building entrance is temporarily closed for an emergency services' response. Bus detours are in effect on bus lines #stm12 and #stm37. Please use west building entrance on Wellington Street to access the métro.

March 20, 2019

Via Anonymous

This is all of the information we have so far. We will update this post as more information becomes available.

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We will be updating you with more information as it comes in.

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