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Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews Is Coming To Montreal This Spring

"Terry's gonna die saving the President, or Terry's never gonna die!"
Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews Is Coming To Montreal This Spring
  • Terry Crews of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame is coming to Montreal this spring. 
  • He'll be here along with a bunch of other speakers at the Power of Success event.
  • Tickets aren't cheap but it looks like there is a lot to be learned!

Star of the hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine and former NFL player Terry Crews is coming to Montreal to participate in an event called Power of Success alongside some other exciting speakers, including "Mr Worldwide," rapper Pitbull and the real Molly Bloom, the notorious host of star-studded and high-stakes underground poker games hosted in Beverly Hills in the late 2000s. 

The event is touted as an inspirational and eye-opening experience where audience members are given the chance to hear some truly unique stories of success from a wide variety of speakers.

Crews and Pitbull stand out as the headliners of the event in Montreal, while Arnold Schwarzenegger is topping the bill in Edmonton and Winnipeg.

Speaking at all three events above, as well as a standalone event in Toronto, is "success coach" and motivational speaker Gary John Bishop, author of the self-help book Unfu*k Yourself.

Montreal will also host Marcus Lutrell, former navy seal and author of Lone Survivor, John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Phil Town, financial investment speaker and author of Rule #1.

The "one-day mega event," is meant to provide training on sales and marketing, negotiating, personal development, business, money, motivation, "and so much more."

Tickets for the event start at $97 and allows you to see all seven speakers give their "top strategies for success in 2020," plus a musical performance by Pitbull. 

The full-day event on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, will run from 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. and if you splurge for a VIP ticket you get to have lunch with the speakers... though, Crews and Pitbull won't be there for the luncheon.

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Ticket prices are steep, there's no denying it, but if you've been feeling like you want 2020 to be your year, maybe it's worth investing in yourself... who knows what you might learn?

According to the event, what they intend to teach falls into three categories: Leadership & Performance, Personal & Life Success, and Health & Wellness.

You stand to save at least $100 by purchasing Advanced Tickets now, though there's no indication when the Advanced Ticket sales end. 

The regular rate for General Admission tickets is CA$197 but you can get them right now for CA$97, before tax.

Executive tickets, which are noted as the "most popular," are currently $169 but will go up to $269 when advanced ticket sales end.

VIP tickets are currently $495 but will go up to $695 and include the luncheon with speaks (sans Pitbull and Crews) and a VIP Entrance.

Platinum tickets are a whopping $995 and will go up to $1995. These tickets include an "Express Entrance," the luncheon and a personal photo with Pitbull.

Find out more at the official Power of Success website here.

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