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Someone Set Up A Giant Tiny Train Set Through The Empty Quartier DIX30 In Brossard (Video)

The story behind the project is super touching.
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Brossard's Quartier DIX30 Was The Site Of A Giant Tiny Train Set (Video)

Social distancing has us going off the rails. But as quarantines empty much of Montreal, residents are finding fun ways to keep spirits up and entertain everyone stuck at home. From balcony music to art therapy and tributes to healthcare workers, locals are far from idle. Isolation has been a creative opportunity, especially for one Montrealer who installed a giant tiny train set through the empty Quartier DIX30.

A video posted to the channel TinyTrainTrack and captioned "Social Distancing Fun at the Local Outlet Mall," shows part of the construction of the tracks and one little train's journey through the outdoor shopping centre, travelling under a car and winding across once-bustling walkways.

The tiny train enthusiast behind the video told MTL Blog that they made use of 50 metres of tracks — a value of about $600.

But though it may seem frivolous, the project has a pretty touching backstory.

The builder works as a supervisor and attendant at a special needs school on the South Shore.

They explain that "one of the students that I work with loves trains and train videos. After browsing through the channels on YouTube with him, we found that the Lego Train videos were really cool to watch."

"I just wished that there were more videos done in public so that we can get a cool unique view of the world (most videos were just being filmed at home)."

"After a while, I just thought: 'I may as well just make the videos myself.'"

"So I bought a lego train and some tracks and started filming in different and fun locations (I even brought my trains to Asia with me during my 3-week volunteering trip)."

The TinyTrainTrack channel currently has 17 videos, showing miniature rail journeys through snowy fields, the lookout on top of Mount Royal, and, in perhaps the most daring feat, through a home with a curious cat in pursuit.

"The important part though is that the student I work with loves the videos and his teacher is happy that I'm making content for the kids."

"I try my best to post about once a week but nowadays since I'm off work, I'm trying to post more to lighten everybody's mood in these times of crisis." 

You can follow TinyTrainTrack on YouTube here.

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