This Quebec Bubble Tea Spot Serves Massive 3L Boba

Many people claim to be obsessed with boba. But would you drive an hour from Montreal to Drummondville to get your hands on a massive three-litre cup of bubble tea from Nakama-thé?

The café, located in the Centre-du-Québec, specializes in Japanese food and imported Asian products. It's a place where customers can go to play games on the Nintendo Switch, buy manga, eat onigiri and drink various teas, though bubble tea is the most popular.

The boba comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and mega with mega being the three-litre one that's bigger than your head.

To get a better idea of how big that is, think about it like this: When you're having a party and you buy a full-sized bottle of Coca-Cola at the grocery store, that's only two litres.

At Nakama-Thé, you can pick one flavour for the small size. Medium gets you up to two flavours that you can layer and large gets you three flavour options. You can choose up to six flavours for the mega size if you're buying it in-store.

Prices for bubble teas start at $4.25, but the mega size will set you back $30.

Flavours include taro, coconut, passion fruit, durian and caramel pudding.

If reading this convinces you to hit the road and pick up a mega bubble tea, then congratulations because you're a true boba fan. Now, let's see if you can finish the whole thing!


Price: From $4.25 - $30 per bubble tea, depending on the size

Cuisine: Japanese snacks & drinks

Address: 180 rue Brock, Drummondville, QC

Why You Need To Go: True boba fans can put their love to the test by taking a day trip to Drummondville and basking in the joy of three whole litres of bubble tea. The bigger the better!


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