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C2 Montréal Is Hosting A Massive Loft Party And You Need To Check It Out

Tell your friends 'cause it's gonna be HYPE!
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C2 Montréal Is Hosting A Massive Loft Party And You Need To Check It Out

Every year, Montrealers kick off the summer in style. Like, next-level swag. And yes, for us, summer always begins with Victoria Day weekend (more like the second temperatures consistently stay above 5°C , but eh!).  

And this year, C2 Montréal is bringing the party — and then some. For those who don’t know, C2 Montréal is pretty much the business conference of the season. And I’m not talking about one of those stuffy conferences with awkward fluorescent lighting, slipcover chairs, and questionable sandwich wedges. I’m talking about a creativity conference in a festival-like setting with an epic lineup of speakers you actually wanna listen to and learn from.

And on that note, I amend my prior comment: C2 Montréal isn’t just the conference of the season — it’s the conference of the year. Which is exactly why you can bet their closing-night celebration, Illumination Night, is gonna be mad hype.

Presented by Stradigi AI, Illumination Night takes place Friday, May 24 from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. in the C2 Village site at Grandé Studios. And guys, the deets are epic.

Think local DJs, VJs, smoke jets, and confetti cannons. I mean, we told you this party is gonna be insane. Plus, there’s a bunch of chill lounge spaces for you and your crew.

Looking to hear amazing Quebec musical talent? Look no further! Performers include DJ Kelly plus the fresh af Cuban, Afro-Caribbean, and Brazilian-inspired beats of Nana Zen. Plus (yep, there’s more!) The Fitness & Pony, Pascale Project, Jacobus, Beat Market, DJ Dre Ngozi, and FORREST will also be performing. Ya know, only the stuff of legends.

Oh yeah, and did we mention that some of Montreal’s most famed eateries will be making appearances, too? ‘Cause if there’s one thing a Montrealer loves more than good music, it’s good food — even more so when it’s delivered in the form of a food truck.

Think Pizzeria No. 900, Mi Corazon (YUL Eat Festival’s Best Food Truck of 2015) and so. much. more.

In fact, Illumination Night is pretty much the best way to experience the C2 Village, even if you’re not going to the conference. Tickets run at just $75 per person for all this awesome fun. So... yeah, this is definitely an event you’re gonna want to tell everyone about.

Important Details
C2 Montréal's Illumination Night
When: May 24, 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Where: Grandé Studios, 1854 Le Ber Street
Price: $75

Buy your tickets here before they run out! For more of C2 Montréal and to get your blood pumping for Illumination Night, check out their Instagram and their Facebook.