Canada Post Mailman Scared 1-Eyed Cat Would "Eat Him" Refused To Visit Montreal Home

The cat's name is Caramel and he is adorable!
Canada Post Mailman Scared 1-Eyed Cat Would "Eat Him" Refused To Visit Montreal Home
  • A Montreal woman is sharing a hilarious story of a replacement Canada Post mail carrier who was unable to deliver a letter to her home because he feared a "crazy one-eyed cat was going to eat" him.
  • The local said she had a good laugh and isn't at all upset with the mail carrier.
  • See photos of the cat, Caramel, below.

Have you ever met a one-eyed cat? Well, a local Canada Post mail carrier did, and it scared the living daylight out of him. The mailman wrote to his human explaining that he feared the cat was going to "eat him."  

Montreal is a city that has more quirk and charm than anywhere else in the country. The urban characters make this city what it is and there is nothing that makes me laugh more than hearing local stories shared through social media.

When this post was brought to my attention I knew I had to reach out to the owner of this “crazy one-eyed cat.” 

The post read: “Our regular postal carrier rang our doorbell today to apologize for the guy who replaced him on Friday and refused to deliver this letter because he was afraid of Caramel, our tiny, 6 lb, one-eyed, 14-year-old cat who mostly hides in the bushes and charms our neighbours into feeding him.”

After reaching out, I learned that Caramel the cat was not crazy at all. This six-pound fighter lost his eye to cancer last year, but his mom assured me that he is “doing great now.”

She also let me know that her adorable cat was more “rambunctious as a kitten,” but now, in the latter stages of his life, he can usually be found “curled up on a couch or charming the neighbours into feeding him.”

After seeing pictures of charming little Caramel, I was curious to know if anyone else had ever had this reaction at the sight of him. He is “not exactly a tiger,” his owner said. Apparently, “he saves his frightening behaviour" for the "neighbourhood mice" and "squirrels that try to eat the tomatoes.”

Caramel's mom also told me that she “wasn’t upset with the replacement mail carrier who didn’t deliver the letter on Friday."

[rebelmouse-image 26889242 photo_credit="aliplus3" expand=1 original_size="750x928"] aliplus3

"He left a funny note with our regular mail carrier to bring us on Monday.”

[rebelmouse-image 26889243 photo_credit="Aliplus3" expand=1 original_size="750x531"] Aliplus3

She also added that she loves her postal carrier and that she “appreciates all the hard work they do.” 

Caramel's mom and her regular mail carrier both thought the note was “pretty hilarious" and had a good laugh together.

She also mentioned that she was wondering if Caramel needed a publicist or not now that he has earned local fame. I know I speak for many when I say, he really does.