Canada's Emergency Alert Test Didn't Go Quite As Planned For Some People & Hilarity Ensued

So, looks like we may need to try that again.
Canada's Emergency Alert Test Didn't Go Quite As Planned For Some People & Hilarity Ensued
  • The bi-annual emergency alert test didn't go quite as planned for some people across the country, particularly in Ontario and Quebec.
  • We've compiled some of the best reactions below.
  • It seems some people were spooked by the unexpected alarm while others were just downright confused.

Turns out, some of us will die if we are dependent on Canada's emergency alert system, Alert Ready (En Alerte in Quebec). This afternoon phones, TVs, and radios across the country were expected to sound an emergency alert in the bi-annual National Public Alert System test. And since it was a test, I don't think we passed. Let's just say there were more than a few snafus. The test was scheduled for Quebec at 1:55 p.m. and while some people's phones did receive the alarm, there were more than a few that didn't (I'm trying to not take it personally). 

People from around Canada took to Twitter to address everything from the blaring, panic-inducing sound or not receiving any warning to being in Ontario and receiving the Quebec warning.

The alerts are meant to notify Canadians of a life-threatening situation like natural disasters, water contamination, terrorist attacks, amber alerts, and fires. 

The emergency alert system is tested twice a year. There is no way to opt-out and even if the sound is turned off your phone, it will still ring. Well, at least it's supposed to. 

But not everyone who received the alert was happy about it. Because, well, it's loud and rather jarring if you're not prepared for it.

Others were more than ready.

And then there were the wrong reactions.

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There seemed to be a lot of confusion from Ontario over receiving the Quebec emergency alert.

And some people received both Ontario and Quebec notifications.

And some received neither.

Everyone failed all around and there were some very unhappy folks. 

Other claim to have received some pretty bizarre messages.

Technology also seemed to not know how to handle Canada's official bilingualism.

There were quite a few complaints from Rogers users: 

And of course, there are always those people who see the glass as half full.

For those that didn't receive the alert, you are asked to notify your provider. You can also check to see if your phone and cell connection are up to date. You can read more about it at

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