Canada's Wonderland Is Transforming Into The North Pole With 5 Million Lights & 50ft Trees

And a skating rink!
Canada's Wonderland Is Transforming Into The North Pole With 5 Million Lights & 50ft Trees
  • Canada's Wonderland is hosting a Winter Fest that will bring out the child inside of you, so it's the perfect reason for a holiday road trip.
  • The festival will take place from November 22 to December 31.
  • Find out what events will be happening during the event below!

There's something about the winter that makes people want to escape Montreal and go for a nice long drive somewhere wintery and fun! If you're one of these people, I'm here to let you know that Canada's Wonderland in Toronto will be hosting its first-ever Winterfest throughout the holiday season and it is totally road trip worthy. 

Canada’s Wonderland is turning into the winter wonderland from your childhood dreams.

This already enchanted holiday is going to have even more glee added to it when Winterfest occurs on its selected evenings between November 22 and December 31.

Immerse yourself into the holiday spirit, as Canada's Wonderland will be decorated in honour of the holiday. 

Imagine five million lights decorating a magical setting as carolers sing your favourite song while you ice-skate surrounded by the joy of Christmas. 

Well, at Winter Fest, Canada's Wonderland will be equipped with world-class lights, amazing treats, ice-skating, and live entertainment - you won't need to do anywhere else to experience Christmas!

This winter wonderland brings a totally new vibe to the popular amusement park, as guests will experience a lively and festive holiday event. 

This holiday event was created to bring joy to children of all ages, which means the 20 something-year-old children like me are welcomed as well. 

There will even be giant, 50-foot Christmas trees throughout the amusement park and a snowflake lake - in case you were doubting the lavishness of this event. 

Head to Toronto and spend a weekend rejoicing in the Christmas spirit and connecting with the little kid that still lives within you. 

Whether it’s a train, a plane or an automobile, Toronto is easy to get to from Montreal. This Christmas extravaganza ticks off all the road trip boxes, making it ideal for a weekend away with the ones you love.  

The holiday season is about a lot of things, including spending time with friends and family. And, what better way to bond than to go on a road trip to the Winterfestival that seems out of a fairy-tale?

Winterfest At Canada's Wonderland

When: November 22 - December 31

Where: Canada’s Wonderland

Why: To go on a fun and festive road trip that will without a doubt get you in the Christmas spirit. 

Visit Canada's Wonderland's website here

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