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Céline Dion's Encounter With A Fan Is Going Viral & Her Face Has Become A Meme (Video)

The superstar stopped her car to listen.
Céline Dion's Encounter With A Fan Is Going Viral & Her Face Has Become A Meme (Video)

Céline Dion — icon, diva, goddess, legend, power dresser — is making headlines with her Courage World Tour, sharing tributes to her late mother, touching moments with fans, and even some hometown love. The latest Céline moment making waves on the interwebs is an encounter with a New York fan caught on camera. In the short clip, Freida Soloman, @musicbyfreida on Instagram, shares her rendition of "I Surrender" as the superstar prepares to drive away.

Céline tells her driver to "hold on" as Freida begins singing, sharing a fistbump and congratulating her on her performance at the end of the video.

The touching interaction quickly went viral, with many commenting on Dion's reaction to the sidewalk presentation.

Some people on social media have appropriated the video, shortening it to focus on a moment when Céline, face hidden behind large sunglasses and sharply framed by a new bob haircut, watches expressionless as Freida completes the chorus.

It's a screenshot of Céline's face that reached the likes of Ariana Grande, who shared the image, captionless, on Twitter.

The video is shared below with Freida's permission.

In her Instagram story, Freida, a singer and life coach, says she does "not have time in the day to respond to everyone who's messaging [her]."

"I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the kind words for the messages, for the support."

"I know I cracked a little bit. I was very scared and nervous."

"But it was such a surreal moment."

"There's always something in life that you can look at either in a positive way or a negative way."

"I'm really happy I did it. She was amazing. I definitely was shaking. But it was a dream."

"I'm still in shock."

The video is just further evidence of Céline's grace and generosity.

We reached out to Freida to hear more about her experience and will update this article when we get a response.

To learn more about Céline's trajectory from humble beginnings in Quebec to superstardom and meme royalty, read our article here.

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