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16 Chalets For A Winter Road Trip From Montreal If You're Too Broke To Fly To Switzerland
  • MTL Blog has compiled a list of chalets that look like they're from Switzerland, but are only a driving distance from Montreal!
  • A lot of us wish we were escaping to the Swiss alps during the cold winters, and these chalets will fool you into thinking you're doing exactly that.
  • Find pictures of these charming cabins below!

There is something romantic about being immersed in nature throughout the cold months. We are fortunate to live in a geographic location that has so much to do around it, so it's almost impossible for us to get bored in our own province. Although this is true, we can't help but wish we were somewhere else sometimes. And for me, I often wish I was in Switzerland. Switzerland is a winter wonderland that has a beauty that is hard to duplicate. So, here's a list of chalets located around Montreal that like look like they have some serious Swiss influence.

Since winter is approaching, it's time to start planning your snowy escape. If you're looking to be fooled into the illusion of being surrounded by the Swiss Alps, these AirBnbs are the place for you. 

Vacations don’t have to be on a beach, sometimes the most memorable vacations are those road-trips you take during the winter months when all you want to do is disappear for a little while.

From lavish houses that are perfect for a group of friends to romantic cabins made for two, this list has got you covered. And, to top it all off, all of these destinations are less than six hours from Montreal, making all of them ideal road trip destinations for once the snow hits.


Where Nature & Adventure Meet

Where: Trois Rivière, Quebec

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 40-minute drive

Cost: $38 per night

This charming and secluded cabin is ideal for anyone who wants to feel connected with nature. Located near the majestic St-Maurice River, this adorable home has enough room to sleep five guests comfortably.

Not only is this a great spot to escape the city, but the simple décor and secluded location will allow you to feel like you are in Switzerland!


Dream A-Frame Home

Where: Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 40-minute drive

Cost: $189 per night

This mid-century home may be a little more expensive than the rest of the houses on this list, but it was too good not to share.

This gem is located in the White Mountains and has been featured on numerous blogs and magazines due to its undeniable charm and European flair.

Swiss architects tend to use sharp angles and lines to create a dramatic and modern twist on homes. And, as you can see from the photo, this home has exactly that.


Rustic Log Cabin

Where: Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 25-minute drive

Cost: $132 per night

Located less than a 90-minute drive from Montreal, this log cabin can comfortably sleep up to six guests.

For those of you who have yet to experience the Swiss Alps, this is a typical home you would find hidden within the extravagance of nature.

Not only is this a great home to spend a weekend with friends at, but this wood cabin gives off a "je ne sais quoi" that can be compared to log cabins in the Swiss Alps!


Cabin On The Bay

Where: Ottawa

Distance from Montreal: 2 hour and 15-minute drive

Cost: $118 per night

This cabin on the bay is an ideal destination for any couple looking to spend a romantic weekend away from Montreal.

Not only is this located less than three hours from our city, but this phenomenal cabin has a unique appeal that visitors can't help but fall in love with!

This charming and romantic home was built entirely of wood, which is something that Swiss residents are very familiar with, especially throughout the alps.


Lavish Country House

Where: West Bolton

Distance from Montreal: 2-hour drive

Cost: $226 per night

This impressive country home is the perfect place to host a weekend with a crew of your nearest and dearest. Not only does this house sleep 12 guests, but the décor is straight out of a Pinterest board.

Everything about this home screams European escape, from the façade of the building to the interior decorating, this property is beyond impressive.

Not only does this home give you the illusion that you are Euro-royalty, but the grounds that it lies on truly give it a sense of being tucked away somewhere between Geneva and Lausanne.


Chic Shack

Where: Sutton, Quebec

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 20-minute drive

Cost: $203 per night

Sutton, Quebec is truly a snow lovers’ paradise. The area is filled with a ton of cool activities to participate in and this specific home itself is ideal for a group getaway.

This chalet can fit up to 10 people and will give guests the illusion of being somewhere in Europe due to its thematic décor and massive ceiling to floor windows. To add to it, the secluded surroundings and nature views truly are the cherry on top of this sundae.


Stunning Mountain Home

Where: Sutton, Quebec

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 20-minute drive

Cost: $145 per night

This home is also located in Sutton, but it's made for a smaller group. This beautiful mountain home can sleep up to three guests, so if you ask me, it's a great place for a romantic getaway!

During the months of winter, when this house is covered in snow, it is exactly what you would find while skiing in Switzerland.

This adorable home has many wood features, similar to homes in Switzerland.


Impressive Carriage House

Where: Burlington, Vermont

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 50-minute drive

Cost: $121 per night

This impressive carriage house gives off major European vibes, so naturally, I'm already trying to book a stay here.

Located right across the border, in the wholesome town of Burlington, this home is a great spot for a weekend escape.

From the foliage around the gate to the old world charm of the house, this is a location that screams Swiss Aristocracy, in all the right ways.

Not only is the home stunning, but the areas surrounding it will make guests feel as though they have entered a world that is entirely different from Montreal.


Minouche Cabin Life

Where: Keeseville, New York

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 30-minute drive

Cost: $131 per night

This brand new cabin was decorated to give guests an authentic experience, without sacrificing any modern conveniences!

Located on a water view hillside forest, this cabin is great for anyone looking to travel away from the city for a night of two.

This a gorgeous place for you and a guest to stay in - the ambiance will allow you to truly let go of your stresses and live in the moment. Not to mention that the word architecture and simple style is similar to what you will find in Switzerland, making this home even more worthy of your stay.


Cozy Cabin

Where:Schuyler Falls, New York

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 20-minute drive

Cost: $75 per night

This cozy cabin is situated on the other side of the border in Schuyler Falls, New York. Not only is this spot close to Montreal, but it's far enough to make guests feel like they have travelled to a mountain, somewhere in Europe (hopefully Switzerland).

The private location combined with the simple wood architecture reminds me a lot of a small, countryside home in Switzerland.

This home exudes a simplistic beauty that is surrounded by the splendour of nature. What more could you ask for?


Quiet Mountain Cabin

Where: East Burke, Vermont

Distance from Montreal: 2 hour and 30-minute drive

Cost: $120 per night

Located in the small town of East Burke, this home has everything you will need for a winter escape. This story-book home is located in a fairy-tale town and provides visitors with as ease that is appreciated by all guests.

The wooden features, green trim, and gorgeous views can be compared to the homes in Switzerland.

So, if you're looking for a home that can fit six guests or less, look no further!


Charming 19th Century Home

Where: Coaticook, Québec

Distance: 2-hour drive

Cost: $92 per night

This charming home is only a 2-hour drive from Montreal. Not only does this house look like it came straight out of a fairy-tale, but its undeniable charisma gives off the impression that it is situated somewhere far away from Montreal, somewhere closer to Europe.

This home has an old-world, classic charm that is very popular throughout the countryside of Switzerland.

Split between five people, this price is hard to beat!


Tiny Village Home

Where: Sutton, Quebec

Distance from Montreal: 1 hour and 20-minute drive

Cost: $76 per night

Located in Sutton, Quebec, this tiny home with a red door is without a doubt one of the most adorable rentals you can find.

This adorable house is big enough to sleep four guests and has a charm that reminds me of a lot of Switzerland. The compact home with the bright red door looks like it's in Andermatt, but instead, it's less than 90 minutes from Montreal.


Adorable Log Cabin

Where: Gravenhurst, Ontario

Distance from Montreal: 6-hour drive

Cost: $134 per night

This peaceful log cabin is located directly on a lake, making it a great place to relax and take part in a slew of activities in the surrounding areas.

Not only is this home a great place for a romantic weekend away but the lure of this destination is how easy it is to connect with nature.

This home belongs in Soglio, a small Swiss town known for its awesome scenery, wildflowers and charming homes - most of which are made of wood!


Old Cabin On A Horse Farm

Where: Hawkestone, Ontario

Distance from Montreal: 6-hour drive

Cost: $137 per night

This old cabin on a farm takes log cabins to a new level. The charm, beauty, and serenity throughout the area allow guests to feel incredibly at peace and serene.

Throughout the Swiss Alps, horseback riding is very popular, which is another reason why this house reminds me so much of this stunning European destination.

This home is ideal for a group of four looking to get away from Montreal. The wood décor gives travellers the impression of being somewhere far from home, which is what makes it so intriguing.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Where: East Burke, Vermont

Distance from Montreal: 2 hour and 30-minute drive

Cost: $85 per night

Nestled on the west slope of Burke Mountain, this lavish home overlooks a pond and is known to have the best seats in the house when it comes to sunsets in the area.

This charming home allows visitors to feel as though they have entered an old-world somewhere in Europe, specifically in Switzerland. The combination of the architecture, location and surrounding nature is what intrigues me most. Plus, it really gives you the illusion of being somewhere other than Quebec.

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