7 Cheap Caribbean Islands To Travel From Montreal This Winter If You Book Now

Did someone say mojitos?
7 Cheap Caribbean Islands To Travel From Montreal This Winter If You Book Now
  • From Curaçao to Grenada, this list gives you ideas for your next cheap Caribbean vacation.
  • Once the snow hits, we'll start craving sunnier days, and the Caribbean is filled with places to make you forget about winter for a week or two. 
  • Find out where you'll be spending time this winter below!

What's better than escaping to a sunny spot the second winter hits? Nothing. I bet you can picture it now: daiquiris by the pool, sand between your toes, and the best part of it all: the heat. Well, the Caribbean is the place to disappear, and to the surprise of many, there are some cheap Carribean destinations if you're travelling from Montreal.

Montreal locals are lucky on so many levels, except for the fact that we're deprived of hot weather for more than half of every year. This is why so many of us yearn for a beach getaway. But, with the cost of travel being so high, it doesn't always seem possible. The Caribbean has always been one of my go-to travel destinations during those depressing and unbearable winter months. 

The following locations are all beach destinations, so hopefully, you're a big fan of sand. From good hotels, strong cocktails, tasty food, and an abundance of beaches, these spots are perfect for the snowbird looking to chase the sun. 

If you're looking for a gift to spoil yourself with this holiday season, why not make it a trip to the Caribbean?


Approximate cost of round-trip flight: CA$608

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel stay: CA$56 per night

Known for its great food, lively culture, phenomenal beaches, and love for marijuana, Jamaica is one of those destinations that instantly captivates you.

The lush topography of mountains, rainforests, and beaches are a few of the things that create such an alluring environment for tourists. The British-colonial architecture combined with the natural beauty everywhere you turn makes it a picture-perfect destination.

The best part? It's affordable! This means you'll be able to go on a lavish vacation guilt-free, which is how it should be.


Approximate cost of round-trip flight: CA$550

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel stay: CA$57 per night

Cuba has always been a loved travel destination for us Montreal folk due to its beauty, charisma, and without a doubt, its low cost.

There are so many things to do in this country, from smoking cigars in Havana to sipping on a mojito in Cayo Coco — Cuba truly has it all.

As you walk through the Cuban streets, you will be inspired by its historical charm, colourful cars, and lively population. This welcoming environment is exactly why locals come back year after year.

Dominican Republic

Approximate cost of round-trip flight: CA$600

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel stay: CA$45 per night

The Dominican Republic is home to an array of breathtaking beaches, waterfalls, exotic animals, and some incredibly charming hotels.

From zip-lining and dune-buggies to horseback riding on the beach to ridding on ATVs through Punta Cana, there is something for everyone to do here. Not to mention, it's one of the most affordable Caribbean locations for you to make your way to during the winter months!

The Bahamas

Approximate cost of round-trip flight: CA$700

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel stay: CA$100 per night

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, The Bahamas is home to over 700 islands, some of which are completely uninhabited.

Not only does this vacation destination offer some amazing water activities, but there's even an island where you can swim with pigs, which yes, is as cool as it sounds.

The Bahamas have some very lavish bars, hotels, and restaurants, but that doesn't mean you can't also enjoy this island while on a budget. From local eateries to hostels, the Bahamas is stocked with cost-saving solutions for travellers who wish to experience the magic of the island.


Approximate cost of round-trip flight: CA$500

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel stay: CA$75 per night

This Dutch Caribbean island is known for its tucked-away beaches and expansive coral reef, which homes an array of marine life.

This island has a slew of unique activities to take part in including an ostrich farm tour, a sea aquarium tour, and a ton of epic snorkelling spots to take in all the living entities that are found deep inside the waters.

And if you like seafood, you'll be feasting the whole time you're there!


Approximate cost of round-trip flight: CA$505

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel stay: CA$95 per night

Known as the "spice island," Grenada is a vibrant destination equipped with sandy beaches, friendly locals, and its underwater Sculpture Park.

Not only does this place have everything you will need for a dream vacation, but it's an affordable place to visit, which makes it all the more appealing.

So, why not add a little spice to your life and book a trip to Grenada?


Approximate cost of round-trip flight: CA$800

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel stay: CA$103 per night

Known as “the land of flying fish”, Barbados is a haven for seafood lovers.

Besides eating, there's a ton of fun things to do while visiting this island. From cave diving and discovering the rain forest to snorkelling and tanning by the beach, Barbados has something to offer every traveller.

Barbados allows you to splurge on a budget, which is definitely something that we all dream of.

Happy travels!