18 Cheap Date Night Ideas In Montreal For $30 Or Less

You don't need to spend a lot to impress a date!
18 Cheap Date Night Ideas In Montreal For $30 Or Less
  • Let's be honest, most of us are living on a budget right now, which is exactly why MTL Blog made a list of cheap date ideas in Montreal.
  • We made sure to provide a wide range of options, so there's something for everyone to enjoy!
  • Check out our list of cheap date ideas around Montreal below!

When it comes to dating in Montreal, you don't need to break the bank to impress that special someone. Thankfully for us, our city is crawling with amazing and affordable date ideas. For this reason, we at MTL Blog thought it would be fun to give our readers the gift of a list of cheap dates ideas in Montreal, all of which cost less than $30. 

We all know the struggle that comes with being an "adult," the bills, the groceries, rent... But, if you can put those stresses aside for a night and take some special out for a fun evening on the town, you are going to want to check out this list. 

When I was single, I was the self-declared queen of dates and I know for a fact that this dating game can end up costing a pretty penny. However, finding someone to share life's moments with isn't about the extravagance of the date, it's about the fun had and memories shared. 

Just because you're on a budget, as the majority of us are, doesn't mean that you can't go on a date that will be remembered for years to come. 

This list is jam-packed with date ideas that are under $30. So, they won't hurt your wallet but they're sure to have you earning all sorts of brownie points. 

Dollar Cinema

Where: 6900 Boulevard Décarie #203

Movies have gotten really expensive as the years have progressed, which is why this theatre may be the answer to your prayers.

This small theatre offers guests two screens displaying 2nd-run movies in English. And, the tickets only cost you a few bucks, so even with snacks, you'll be spending way under $30.

Check out the website!

Explore The Greenhouses At The Botanical Garden

Where: 4101 Rue Sherbrooke E

The Montreal Botanical Gardens is not only a beautiful space but the warmth and greenery will transport you to a tropical paradise, even in the dead of winter.

The breathtaking greenhouses here are stocked with winding paths, waterfalls and some mind-blowing architecture that will leave both you and your date in awe.

Find out more!

Churros & Hot Chocolate 

Where: 6543 Somerled; Patisserie Che Churros

Churros and hot chocolate are an incredible combination and this Spanish-style pastry shop knows what's up!

There is an array of savoury treats to nosh on, along with a mix of warm churros and decadent hot chocolate that is what dream dates are made of.

Visit the website for more info!

Stroll Through The Museum Of Fine Arts 

Where: 1380 Sherbrooke O

There is something very romantic about strolling through a museum and taking in the beauty of the surrounding works of art.

The Museum of Fine Arts is my personal favorite and it's by far one of the most affordable and entertaining dates in Montreal.

You can find the price list here!

Hit Up An Arcade

Where: 3350 Boulevard Saint-Martin O., Laval; Amusement 2000*

Not only will this date bring back all kinds of nostalgic vibes, but this laid back environment makes it a good place to get to know someone.

You and your date will be able to bring out the competitive side in one another and connect in ways that you forget were possible.

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Go To One Of The Many Markets

Even throughout the harsh cold of winter, Montreal has no shortage of gorgeous markets to check out. From Maisonneuve market and Atwater to my personal happy place, the Jean-Talon Market.

You can take a walk, grab lunch and buy your date flowers all within these phenomenal markets.

Find a list of Montreal markets here!

Eat At Mr. Puffs

Where: Numerous locations throughout Montreal

Perhaps it is the greek in me but I love going to Mr Puffs on dates. Not only is this establishment known for these delicious greek doughnuts but the cost of them makes you love them even more.

This affordable and tasty date is not one you will regret going on.

Check out Mr. Puffs' website.

Grab A Coffee At Olimpico

Where: 124 Rue Saint Viateur O

This iconic Montreal coffee house has been around since the 1970s and is one of the most loved spots in all of the city.

Throughout the year, this hot spot is jam-packed with both locals and tourists looking to get their hands on the goods.

When it comes to dates, this spot is cool, fun, and of course, affordable.

Check it out!

Watch Planes Land At Louks

Where: 777 Avenue Lajoie; Louks Brewery

In the past year, this little brewery and taproom has now become a go-to for my husband and I. You can sit back and sip on tasty beers while watching the planes take off and land into our city.

This brewery is packed with board games to play and popcorn to snack on. And, not to mention, affordable beer. All things to make for the perfect date!

Discover Louks Brewery here!

Try Some Dishes At Cinko

Where: 1641 Rue St-Denis

Cinko has everything you will ever need for the perfect date night. The colourful eatery serves an array of eclectic dishes and best of all they are all priced under $10.

Dishes vary from $6.95 to $9.95 and desserts will cost you $5.95 - making this an ultra-affordable restaurant date.

Visit Cinko's website for more info!

Go Bowling Together

Bowling will forever be my go-to when it comes to cheap date nights.

I consider myself a competitive person, so I personally love going on dates where I can challenge both myself and my date.

This classic activity seems to be overlooked at times, but I am here to tell you bowling is still cool and best of all, still cheap!

Grab Some Matcha Desserts

Where: 1418 Rue Crescent; Tsujiri Matcha Restaurant

This matcha haven is a unique and delightful spot to take a date to, especially if they have a sweet tooth.

This chain has been around for over 159 years and is known to create out of the box matcha creations that will not only impress your date but will impress your bank account as well!

Check our article out here!

Get Cold Together In An Ice Bar

Where: 3426 Rue Notre-Dame O.; Cyr Restaurant

This establishment is more than just a bar, it is an experience that you will not soon forget.

This establishment may offer high-end options but luckily for us, they have also thought of the common folk.

The restaurant section offers a simple, fun menu with items ranging between $13 and $26 and access to the bar is $30.

Read all about this ice bar here!

Go Skating & Drink Mulled Wine 

Where: Espace 67; Parc Jean-Drapeau

Skating has always been a romantic and affordable option when it comes to dates and this year you can experience skating at Parc Jean Drapeau.

Now, mix the romance of skating with the flavour of mulled wine and you have yourself an awesome date!

Read all about this fun date idea here!

Read Poetry At A Local Library

One of the most romantic dates I ever went on was in a library. Montreal is drowning in picturesque libraries and best of all is that you can access most of them for free.

The idea of skimming through the poetry section with the person who gives you butterflies - I can't think of anything more romantic!

Find out where!

Practice Your Golf Skills At Mini Putt

Where: 1259 Rue Guy; Putting Edge Downtown

Putting Edge is an indoor mini-golf course downtown. The neon-lit paths make for a thrilling yet affordable experience within our city.

There are other locations but my go-to has always been the Putting Edge downtown.

Check out Putting Edge's website!

Explore Space At The Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium 

Where: 4801 Avenue Pierre-de Coubertin

Located in the Espace pour la Vie close to the Olympic Stadium, this local gem is a great date spot, especially during those cold winter months.

If you love outer space and want to learn more about it, this is the date "space" for you!

Plan your date here.

Get Late Night Bagels 

Bagels are a Montreal staple and two locations have been in competition since what feels like the beginning of time. In our city, you either love St. Viateur or Fairmount but regardless of the one you prefer, there is no denying how amazing bagels in our city are.

There is something special about fresh bagels, cream cheese and good conversation that gets me every time.

And, let's be real, there is nothing more Montreal than having a bagel date at 2 a.m!

Wishing you all wonderful dates!

*This article has been updated.