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Cheap Nail Salons In Montreal Where You Can Get A Manicure & Not Regret It

Your hands will thank you!
Cheap Nail Salons In Montreal Where You Can Get A Manicure & Not Regret It
  • If you're looking for cheap manicures in Montreal, MTL Blog has got you covered.
  • We went on a search to find out where you can get affordable, yet quality manicures in Montreal and we're sharing our findings with you.
  • Read below to find out some of the best spots in the city to get your nails done for cheap!

Most of us know the struggle that comes with needing a manicure when payday is so far away. Manicures can run up quite a tab and some of us simply can’t afford the expensive “spa” manicures. Luckily for us, cheap manicures in Montreal are a possibility at various nail salons!

To me, hands can say a lot about a person and for some reason, I don’t feel myself when my nails aren’t done. However, as someone who has bills to pay, manicures aren’t always possible, unless I go to one of these spots. 

Each of these Montreal locations offers affordable and quality manicures. And, all of which will rejuvenate your hands and have them looking on point. Some of the locations are a bit more glamorous, while some are quick and easy. One of the nail salons is even found inside a WalMart!

There is no reason why you should spend a ridiculous amount on a manicure, especially in a city like Montreal. Some of the best manicures I've gotten in the city are at the following 6 locations.

If you haven’t gone for a manicure in a while, it may be time to treat yourself!

Regal Nails 

Where: 5400 Rue Jean-Talon O.

Cost of Regular Manicure: $15

Cost of Shellac Manicure: $30

WalMart truly is a place where you can find anything you are looking for - including a manicure.

Regal Nails, located in the WalMart on Jean-Talon Ouest, not only provides clients with awesome manicures but their prices are hard to beat.

Regal Nails is also very clean and reliable. The lovely and welcoming staff will always find room for you and will take care of all your nail care needs.

Check out the website

Ongles Style

Where: 5831 Park Ave

Cost of Regular Manicure: $15

Cost of Shellac Manicure: $35

Ongles Style is one of my latest manicure discoveries and I've loved it every time I've been. This comfortable and welcoming nail parlour located on Park Avenue is a great spot if you are looking for a good but affordable place to do your nails.

Besides the great staff, the best part of this salon has to be the great variety of nail colours to pick from it has.

Ongles Style is a fast and cheap quality manicure that will instantly have you turning into a regular.

Take a look at Ongles Style's Facebook

H & M

Where: 1600A Rue Sherbrooke O.

Cost of Regular Manicure: $18

Cost of Shellac Manicure: $40

H & M is a giant retail monster that most of us have shopped out numerous times. It also so happens to be the name of a badass nail salon right here in Downtown Montreal.

The family-run business is known for its quick, affordable and quality manicures. This nail haven is a great place to go to with friends as the sisters who run the joint are super sweet and beyond helpful.

You can also receive other services like hair and wax in this one-shop beauty stop.

Check out the salon's Facebook page

Chateau Des Ongles

Where: 7675 Rue St-Denis

Cost of Regular Manicure: $15

Cost of Shellac Manicure: $30

Located on Rue St-Denis, this big nail salon is stocked with so many colours to pick from that it will make you dizzy.

This spot has everything you would want in a nail salon, not only is there an array of colour options but the quality service they provide is very affordable.

If you live in the area or are in the mood to try a new nail salon, this spot is worth the visit.

Find out more

Runway Beauty Bar 

Where: Complexe Les Ailes, 677 Rue Ste-Catherine O.

Cost of Regular Manicure: $20

Cost of Shellac Manicure: $43

One of the hardest places to find an affordable manicure is in the heart of downtown and Runway Beauty Bar’s prices are pretty hard to beat.

Located in the Complexe Les Ailes, adjacent to the Eaton Centre its constant flow of costumers is a testament to both the quality and the price of this establishment.

And, since they are located right in the heart of downtown, they have mastered the art of speedy, quality manicures.

Rouge Nail Bar

Where: 4065 Rue St-Denis

Cost of Regular Manicure: 29$

Cost of Shellac Manicure: 51$

Rouge Nail Bar, is known to locals as being one of the cleanest and best-priced nail salons in the city.

The salon prides itself on the experience they provide for their customers. Not only do they make their services as affordable as possible but they also give clients one of the best manicures in the city.

If you don’t believe me, book an appointment and see for yourself!

Visit the Rouge Nail Bar website

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