These Exclusive Cirque Du Soleil ECHO Photos Will Make You Want To Join The Circus

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​Cirque du Soleil acrobats perform stunts on the Montreal Biosphere.

Cirque du Soleil acrobats perform stunts on the Montreal Biosphere.

Imagine strolling by Montreal's Biosphere in Parc Jean-Drapeau, sipping your morning coffee when suddenly the calm shatters into a flash of colour and a flurry of pirouetting bird people.

You haven't stepped into an alternate universe, it's just Cirque du Soleil turning your otherwise regular day into something special.

Two performers pose in front of the Montreal Biodome.@davidwallyrawalia | MTL Blog

Performers in rainbow-hued suits and aviary outfits showcased intricate costumes, detailed make-up and jaw-dropping moves from the circus' latest production, ECHO, at the Montreal landmark on May 18.

They balanced, leaped and weaved in a dazzling display of strength and teamwork, where trust was key and gravity, optional.

A close-up of the Cirque du Soleil sparrow costume.@davidwallyrawalia | MTL Blog

Playing at the big top in Montreal's Old Port, ECHO is a celebration of life itself, blending storytelling, cutting-edge technology and remarkable acrobatics to create a dreamscape with a message.

The story follows a character named Future and a band of quirky animal characters exploring the relationship between humans and nature.

Acrobats mid-jump, while others pose.@davidwallyrawalia | MTL Blog

Every scene in ECHO delivers mind-boggling feats of physical discipline and precision. Picture trapeze artists dressed as fireflies, clinging to each other using nothing but their mouths as they swing high above the stage, or feathered performers "taking flight" on a teeterboard, miraculously avoiding collision as they crisscross.

A captivating live score accompanies the spectacle with melodies so enchanting you'll probably find yourself humming them after the show ends.

Mid-air splits from one performer.Mid-air splits from one performer.@davidwallyrawalia | MTL Blog

The aerial performances and balancing acts in ECHO are as breathtaking as they are profound, metaphorically reminding viewers that we shape our own future and that of the planet.

Props like boxes shift around the stage, often carried by clowns, symbolizing change and transformation — a nod to the evolving state of life on Earth and the importance of maintaining balance.

Eye-catching make-up on an acrobat.@davidwallyrawalia | MTL Blog

In essence, ECHO teaches a simple yet profound lesson: life can be ordinary or extraordinary. The choice is ours to make, and it's our actions that determine the outcome.

With ECHO, Cirque du Soleil showcases the incredible power of acrobatics to evoke emotion and encourage introspection. The unexpected performance at the Biosphere was just a teaser of the skill on display in the striped tent.

A spot of bird-watching using the Biosphere binoculars.A spot of bird-watching using the Biosphere binoculars.@davidwallyrawalia | MTL Blog

Blending reality with a dash of magic, ECHO serves as a reminder that wondrous moments can happen when and where we least expect them.

Cirque du Soleil ECHO

When: Until August 20, 2023

Where: Big Top, Old Port of Montreal

Cost: $50+/general admission

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