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Cirque Du Soleil Is Now Hiring In Montreal & You Don't Need To Be An Acrobat

You could be a part of one of the wildest shows in the world.
Cirque Du Soleil Is Now Hiring In Montreal & You Don't Need To Be An Acrobat

Are you looking for a job? Well, the biggest circus in the world is currently holding an open casting call for professional artists with strong physical acting skills. 

The Montreal based entertainment behemoth, Cirque du Soleil, wants you to be in their next show. So if you've always dreamt of being on stage, dangling from the rafters or being catapulted across a room, this might be the job for you.

The call is open to all artists (of any physical body type, "giant and small") with experience in theater, clowning, mime, magic, contemporary dance, circus disciplines, music, and singing.

If you've ever caught a Cirque show, you know the bar is set high and they only accept the best. Every show is truly a masterpiece from their insane choreography to physical feats the body shouldn't be able to do. 

For applicants who make it through the first round of a virtual audition (check out the requirements below), the physical audition will be held September 24. This is a general audition for all roles in current and future shows.

So if you're over 18 years old, are incredibly bendy, have perfect balance, or pretty much any skill that leaves an audience with a childlike wonder, then dust off your camera and apply. 

Ok, so here's what you will need for the first round of auditions. You can apply online here.  

  • Your resumé,

  • Two photos only (one headshot and one full-body shot),

  • A video presentation no more than 1 minute long: please give your name, age, general background and the reasons for your interest in joining Cirque du Soleil,

  • One or two video clips, no more than 8 minutes long each, on stage or in the studio, demonstrating your clowning or physical acting skills,

  • Other videos: if you wish to show us a particular skill, now’s the time!

You have to send in your application by September 15. A talent scout will evaluate your work and if you're selected, you will receive an email invitation to participate in the live audition late September.

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If you're applying for more than one discipline (acrobat, singer, etc) then make sure to add a separate video showcasing your skills. Ultimately though, the recruiters will decide where you fit best. 

If you would love to be part of the show but don't have any entertainment skills, you could always apply for a job behind the scenes. Check out the listings for corporate and technical jobs here

This is the chance of a lifetime to be part of one of the greatest shows on earth. So make your videos count!

Cirque du Soleil Casting Call


Virtual submission deadline: September 15

Physical audition: September 24th,

WHERE: Send in your virtual audition here


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