Montreal Launches New Measures To Help Local Business Including Delivery & Emergency Aid

Mayor Plante announced these additional measures on April 6.
Montreal Launches New Measures To Help Local Business Including Delivery & Emergency Aid
  • The City of Montreal is now implementing an urban delivery network to support local merchants, along with more emergency support options.
  • These new measures were announced on April 6, 2020.
  • Get more details below.

In the context of the ongoing health crisis, Mayor Valérie Plante and executive committee member Luc Rabourin have introduced increased measures to help out local businesses that might be struggling financially. In collaboration with Jalon MTL and the Sociétés de développement commercial (SDC), the City of Montreal will implement an urban delivery network to support local merchants. All businesses that register will benefit from a "safe, reliable, and accessible delivery service." 

"More than ever, we are invited to favour local purchasing. Le Panier Bleu, launched by the Quebec government yesterday, is a powerful example," said Mayor Plante

"In the same vein, the City of Montreal is rolling out a series of tools and measures today to support Montreal merchants through this crisis."

Businesses that wish to sign up for the local delivery program must do so by April 17, 2020. Owners must submit an official request through the City of Montreal. 

Luc Rabourin added that "the COVID-19 crisis is causing major changes in local trade and weakening the commercial structure of Montreal." 

"Montreal merchants are doing everything they can to organize themselves, modify their ways of doing things, and try to adapt to the context to survive the slowdown in activities and the City is there to support them." 

The delivery system aims to meet the needs of Montreal's population during the crisis. 

By supporting local merchants, the public can assist in maintaining Montreal's vibrant and successful economy. 

With many local businesses and entrepreneurs already doing their part to help the public, this urban delivery program is a welcome relief. 

On Sunday, the Government of Quebec introduced "Le Panier Bleu" which offers local industries resources to conduct e-commerce. The program hopes to stimulate online sales for local companies.

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In addition to the urban delivery program, the City of Montreal also announced a postponement of the deadline to pay municipal taxes.

Business owners now have until July 2, 2020, to pay the second installment of their municipal taxes. 

Mayor Plante also highlighted the creation of a special committee to provide emergency support to businesses that need it the most.

As of right now, all non-essential Quebec businesses will remain closed until May 4, 2020. 

With the city all but quarantined for the foreseeable future, the government recommends that everyone follow the established health and safety regulations

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