Farmers Are Parading Tractors Through Montreal & Throwing Corn To Protest Trudeau (Video)

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CN Rail Strike Leads Farmers To Drive Tractors In Montreal & Throw Corn To Protest Trudeau

Quebec farmers part of L'Union des producteurs agricoles have taken their tractors to Trudeau's office in Montreal to protest the ongoing CN Rail strike that has stopped the flow of propane into the province. This story starts last week when CN Rail workers went on strike to fight what they consider to be a threat to worker safety. The union on strike has said that long hours are increasing worker fatigue and have made it a "sticking point," according to the Montreal Gazette. That has led us to now.

With the decreased service from CN Rail, propane stopped shipping into the province, causing Premier Legault to raise the alarm bells that Quebec's stores of the energy source were simply not enough.

With propane reserves only able to last a couple days, farmers are now frightened and frustrated that they will soon begin to lose crops without the power source, as the CN Rail strike goes into its first full week.

This is why Montreal is currently being swarmed by tractors.

The farmers have headed to Trudeau's office in his riding of Papineau to protest the propane shortage, in what they are calling the Propane March.

On the union's protest page, it explains that the "agricultural sector cannot be held hostage [...] We are asking for a concrete action plan from the federal government immediately to address the problem of propane supply. Let us mobilize!"

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The video below was submitted to us by an MTL Blog reader named Sara (Instagram user @sarita130691), who saw the congo line of tractors pass her by this morning.  

Downtown Montreal swarmed by tractors as farmers protest

The tractors were also seen this past weekend when the farmers were posted outside of the CN Rail office in Montreal to sway rail workers to end the strike. 

The march started around 11 a.m. this morning in Villeray and is likely still happening outside the Prime Minister's office in his riding of Papineau, which is located on Crémazie Est.

In some pictures and videos, the farmers can be seen throwing corn, which signifies the loss of propane, which farmers rely on to dry their crops

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