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11 Colourful Spaces To Visit In Montreal If You Loved The Van Gogh Exhibit

Where to go to make your days a little bit brighter!
11 Colourful Spaces To Visit In Montreal If You Loved The Van Gogh Exhibit
  • As the greyness of winter begins slowly start to affect all of us, MTL Blog thought it would be fitting to make a list of colourful places to go in Montreal whenever you need a little extra brightness in your life.
  • Check out where you're next colourful city adventure could take place below!

During the greyness of winter, we all need a little extra colour in our lives. So, MTL Blog is here to tell you where you can seek out exactly that. After reading this list of colourful places to go in Montreal, you'll have no excuses for hibernating until the spring.

From colourful metro stations to bright light shows, and cabaret clubs to mural walks, this list has something for everyone that feels as though they're missing a little colour in their lives right now.

After having seen and loved the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit, I set out to find out spots in Montreal where I could have a similar experience. And by that, I mean a colourful one that gets all my sense tingling.

I chose not to include any art museums since that's most of our go-to spots when we're in need of a colourful wake-up. Inside, I put together a list of the lesser-known or more forgotten about spots around the city that are ideal to visit whenever you're feeling grey.

I can (almost) promise that making your way through these places will get some extra serotonin flowing through your body.

Palais Des Congrès

Where: 1001 Place Jean-Paul Riopelle

I'd like to declare the Palais des Congrès as one of Montreal's most underappreciated spots. Since there are always events taking place here, people so rarely stop to take a minute to appreciate the architecture of the building itself.

Getting a glimpse of modern stained glass windows during the dark winter is exactly what most of us need right now.

Go see and feel the colours for yourself!

Cabaret Mado

Where: 1115 rue Sainte-Catherine E.

This space while empty may not have much life, but the colourfulness seeps in through the performers themselves. Open every day from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m., Cabaret Mado is your go-to place whenever you're feeling down, or even when you're feeling up!

Inspired by the roaring 20s, this space is sure to leave you feeling more colourful than when you walked in.

Rue Drolet

A walk along rue Drolet during any season is a beautiful sight, but it has a special beauty about it during the winter.

The colourful doors and frames on the different apartments pop out more than ever when you compare them to the white snow on the ground.

Société Des Arts Technologiques (SAT)

Where: 1201 blvd Saint-Laurent

If you're into bright lights, electro music, and all things moderns, SAT is your spot.

This self-proclaimed "futuristic space" gives me hope that our futures will be way more than just black and white.

Different shows are always happening, so you can attend colourful new events every week!

Check out the press release to see what's happening during SAT Fest 2020.

Murals All Around The City

Where: blvd Saint Laurent, rue Saint-Denis, basically wherever the Montreal wind blows

Honestly, are you a real Montrealer if you don't love going on a mural walk?

Although most locals would argue the best time to go on a mural tour is during Mural Fest in the summer, there is no bad time to walk around and explore the wall art that brightens up our city.

Colourful Metro Stations

While you get tired of doing your tour de ville of Murals, hop in the metro and go admire some of the best artwork in the city without needing to go outside!

Some of my favourite metros that are seeping with personality are Place Des Arts, Sherbrooke, De La Savane, Jean-Talon, and Villa Maria.

If you were looking for spots for your next Instagram photoshoot... You're welcome.

Read about the architectural wonders of the Montreal metros here!

"Aura" Light Show At The Notre Dame Basilica

Where: 110 rue Notre-Dame O.

Colour seems as though it was an essential part of the creation of Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica.

But, during the "Aura" shows, colour takes over the entire space. During most evenings at the Basilica, there are 45-minute shows occurring that use projections to tell a story.

Interested? Buy your tickets ahead of time here!


Where: Jacques-Cartier Pier, Old Port

Hopefully, by the time you read this article, Igloofest hasn't ended yet. As one of the most Montreal events possible, Igloofest is something you need to experience at least once in your life. If you are fine with crowds and the cold, that is.

Beyond just the bright lights that beam from the stage, everyone attending seems to dress in their most colourful attire as well. So, this is your chance to go out and rock your mom's vintage 80s snowsuits!

Get your tickets here!

Maison Du Jazz

Where: 2060 rue Aylmer

Can you think of a better combination than colour and sound? No, no better pair has ever existed.

Maison du Jazz is the perfect spot to go if you need a little change of headspace. While listening to the sweet jazz beats, you can eat a solid meal and drink a little bubbly.

The decor of the space is what truly brings it together, with photos of jazz artists ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Miles Davis. In the midst of finding yourself surrounded by colourful antiques, you may just think you've teleported to the 1940s.

Check out the website!

Jean-Talon Market

Where: 7070 ave Henri Julien

Really any market filled with colourful fruits, vegetables, and flowers is my kind of spot.

The Jean-Talen market has been opened for over 85 years and is still as colourful as ever.

It may not be as vibrant of a place this time of year as it is in the summer, due to the fact that most flowers can't survive in our Canadian climate, but it still beats spending your day staring at white walls.

Bring Down The Walls By Phil Collins

Where:451 rue Saint-Jean; Phi Foundation

"Bring Down The Walls was a three-part public art project which turned an unconventional lens on the prison industrial complex through house music and nightlife," the Phi Foundation writes on its website.

This colourful video projection shines a new light on the realness of life before, in, and after prison.

It's free to enter the Phi Foundation, so consider taking a moment to go see this incredible piece by Phil Collins next time you're in the Old Port.

There are also school days & club nights that happen here, so make sure to check those out!

Discover more about Phil Collins here!

Wishing you all colourful days ahead!

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