• The Concordia Used Book Giveaway is a thank you gesture to all the people in Montreal who have made the Concordia Book Fair such a success.
  • Thousands of used books will be for the taking.
  • It's first come, first serve, so get there early!

Concordia University is well known for its fall book fair that takes place only once a year. It's open to everyone and offers cheap and reasonably priced used books starting at $3. The fair has raised over $200,000 in total for students over the years.

When we didn't think they could sell books for any less, Concordia just announced that they will be holding a book fair where they're actually giving away books for free!

For one day only on September 3, you can take your choice from thousands of books and walk away without spending a dime. Just make sure to bring extra bags. It's a first come, first serve situation, so we recommend getting there early. With students heading back to school, there will inevitably be a lineup. 

So why are they just giving away so many books? According to Concordia's Epic Book Giveaway page, it's a thank you for making their previous book fairs such a success. That is a pretty awesome way to thank people. 

With the book fair just around the corner (November 3-5), we think the giveaway is a little teaser of what's to come. 

If you're feeling somewhat philanthropic, you can drop off your used books for the school; they accept most any books as long as they aren't in terrible condition, are not textbooks older than eight years, with the exception of National Geographic, are not magazines or journals. 


You can also volunteer your time. Concordia is looking for volunteer book sorters who can give a couple hours of their time once a month to help organize the book donations. 

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The giveaway takes place at the EV Building Atrium on the Sir George Williams Campus. The building is easily accessible from Guy-Concordia metro station. 

No word yet on if there will be a limit to how many books you can help yourself to. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone! 

Concordia's Used Book Giveaway

WHEN: September 3

WHERE: 1515 Rue Ste-Catherine O.; EV Building Atrium on the Sir George Williams Campus

COST: Free while supplies last