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The Conservatives Say Scheer Won The French Debate & Quebecers Are Ripping Apart The Post

The party says Scheer hit a "home run" but viewers thought otherwise.
The Conservatives Say Scheer Won The French Debate & Quebecers Are Ripping Apart The Post
  • In a Twitter post, the Conservative party claimed that Andrew Scheer won the French-language debate on TVA despite a media consensus that he struggled.
  • Quebec debate viewers wasted no time pouncing on the post, ridiculing both the assertion and the "embarrassing" baseball metaphor that delivered it.

In the first French-language debate on TVA before the Canadian election, federal leaders squared-off on various issues including Quebec values, bill 21, abortion, immigration, and many other key points.

Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet came out ahead with his eloquence in French though NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was a pleasant surprise with how effortlessly he was able to retort in la langue de Molière. 

Prime Minister Trudeau also had a strong showing, remaining composed and clear on his talking points. Since Trudeau's Liberals currently have a strong lead in the Quebec polls, it was up to Conservative leader Andrew Scheer to show Quebecers that he's the right guy for the job.

Though nigh every media outlet agreed that Scheer fell flat, the Conservative Party saw things differently. 

In a Twitter post, the Conservatives claimed that Scheer actually won the debate, hitting what they call "a home run." Among commenters, the post immediately strung as awkward in a city that doesn’t even have a baseball stadium.

People across Canada, and especially in Quebec, didn't waste time jumping on the Conservatives' claim.

The post makes a clear dig at Trudeau's blackface incident but the attempt at a snide insult was, for many, overshadowed by the questionable phrase, "sock some dingers." 

For those of you unfamiliar with baseball lingo, "socking a dinger" is a synonym for a home run. Naturally, many pounced on the opportunity to make baseball jokes of their own at Scheer's expense.

Some argued that with Scheer's swing form, there's no possible way that the ball is going any further than the pitcher's mound.

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Some did come to Scheer's defence, but most comments ridiculed both the baseball metaphor and the assertion.

Though I personally think it's a little unfair to attack his French skills (he is from Ontario, after all, at least he tried) a few commenters thought Scheer's French was an embarrassment. 

Others were more concerned about his athleticism. 

And many took the opportunity to harp on the classic "Scheer=Trump" argument that you see all over social media. 

Did Andrew Scheer win? The consensus says definitely not. But he did manage to be the talk of the town today.

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The Canadian Federal election is happening on Monday, October 21st, 2019. 

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