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Montreal's Côte-Vertu Station Will Be Closed Again This Weekend

The last weekend closure they have planned until next year.
Montreal's Côte-Vertu Station Will Be Closed Again This Weekend

Yep, again. The good news is this is the last planned weekend closure until the real work begins in 2020. Côte-Vertu Station was closed April 30th and 31st as part of the preparations for the construction work slated to start next year.

And while Côte-Vertu station will be completely closed this coming weekend, you can be thankful it wasn't closed last weekend, as it was temporarily scheduled to be.

The STM had set aside three weekends to start preparatory work on what will be the new underground train garage at Côte-Vertu Station. The station was closed the last weekend of March, they didn't need to close the station last weekend, which should mean they're off to a good start.

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TL;DR This is the last of three planned weekend closures the STM set aside in order to install electrical cabling between Côte-Vertu Station and the construction site that will eventually help build the new underground train garage, which is scheduled to be built next year.

[rebelmouse-image 26893569 photo_credit=" Soci\u00e9t\u00e9 de transport de Montr\u00e9al" expand=1 original_size="416x245"] Société de transport de Montréal

All bus lines that regularly end their route at Côte-Vertu Station will continue to do so, except for the 64 Grenet and the 470 Express Pierrefonds. These two buses will end their route at Du College during the closure.

There will be a shuttle service running from Côte-Vertu to Du College and back. The 810 shuttle bus will pick up and drop off passengers at the bus stops marked below:

[rebelmouse-image 26893570 photo_credit="Soci\u00e9t\u00e9 de transport de Montr\u00e9al" expand=1 original_size="600x600"] Société de transport de Montréal

These closures and the ones planned for next year are all part of the STM's underground train garage. Côte-Vertu Station will be closed for 11 weeks next year as they build an underground garage that will include a "track switch" for the metro trains that will allow them to turn back around to the departure platform faster.

So, some more good news, even if we do have to wait for the results. The quicker turn around time will mean more frequent departures, one can only hope. Another upside? While they've got us all kicked out, they're planning on "refurbishing" the whole station. 

[RAPPEL] - Première fin de semaine de fermeture de la station Côte-Vertu dans le cadre des travaux du garage. Un service de navette reliera les stations Côte-Vertu et Du Collège #stm

Pour info:

March 29, 2019

Not a bad idea, considering what a hub of transport it is for such a large part of Montreal's metropolitan. 

I've had to rely on Côte-Vertu Station to get myself from home to work and back, and it is a hectic and sometimes very stressful place. With so many commuters at nearly all times of the day, the station is definitely going to benefit from all the attention.

And, I mean, if it turns out that Beaudry looks a mess and that closure was for nothing, we can always just protest outside Côte-Vertu until they open it again... right?


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