Dawson’s Photography Program Is Perfect If You Dream Of Being A Photographer

And it's tuition free!
Dawson’s Photography Program Is Perfect If You Dream Of Being A Photographer

Have you always dreamed of becoming a photographer? I don’t blame you, it’s a super cool creative outlet that can make for a uniquely rewarding career. Capture special moments, magnificent architecture, the taste and flavour of food, fashion's flair, industrial installations and more. You can create timeless souvenirs that will be forever treasured, and images that are both striking and commercially viable. And that, y’all, is priceless.

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Dawson College offers a program made to ensure you get to live out your dream and capture every priceless moment life has to offer. Best of all? It’s TUITION FREE for all Quebec residents! Known as a leading resource in photography training, Dawson's AEC Program in Commercial Photography has been a staple for picture-taking Quebecers since the '80s. 

Through the expertise of its skilled teachers, who are talented professional photographers themselves, this full-time, tuition-free, two-year program equips its students with valuable knowledge in countless areas of photography. Bonus: As these are evening courses, you can still maintain your job while pursuing your studies. 

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Dawson's Commercial Photography Program allows you to discover your own area of expertise by exploring a variety of aspects such as advertising and editorial illustration, portraiture, catalogue photography, architectural photography, fashion photography, and industrial photography. Post-production techniques will help you bring your images to a truly professional level.

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Through theory and practice, students will learn the technical intricacies of digital image capture, how to use light sources in all forms including constant light and electronic flash in studio and on location. Even the most challenging of assignments will be made doable!

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If you're looking for a creative environment with a cool and inspiring spirit, Dawson's Commercial Photography Program is the place for you. You'll forge great friendships with other passionate dream-chasers who are honing their personal creative visions of the world. You can take full advantage of targeted content, cutting-edge technology, top-notch facilities, and industry experience. Bring your dedication and love of imagery to the table, and you can go a long way with this fascinating program.

To get a feel for the gifted teachers you can learn from in Dawson's Commercial Photography Program, here are a few sample images of their work: 

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The application deadline is April 28, 2019, and the program is scheduled to begin August 22, 2019. If you're looking to pursue your dream of becoming a full-fledged photographer and create portfolios that'll stun everyone, don't miss Dawson's Commercial Photography Information Session

- April 16, 2019 at 6:00 PM, room 4E.1

For more information on this incredible tuition-free program, check out Dawson's website and Facebook