Dead Rat Photographed On A Montreal STM Green Line Train Seat (Photo)

It ain't over 'til the rat lady sings...
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Dead Rat Photographed On A Montreal STM Green Line Train Seat (Photo)

A few nights ago, someone riding Montreal's green line stumbled upon a horrific tragedy. Though we're used to seeing all kinds of awful things on the metro, this one is truly shocking. 

A photo sent to Spotted: STM on Facebook shows a dead rat occupying a seat in one of the wagons on a green line metro car. Good news is, he wasn't taking up two spots — but he had his feet on the seat. There's always one of those isn't there? Ugh. 

Reactions ranged from disgust to sympathy for the poor dead rat. Mostly, people were concerned that he'd miss his stop. The good thing about being dead is that frivolities like missing a stop won't concern you anymore.

The rat (seen below, photo taken by @megzz.robinson) looks to be a mid-sized city rat of the gray variety. You can tell he's a rat by his long, skinny tail protruding out his bum.

There seems to be no sign of foul play. He seems to have succumbed to the elements — I gather, waiting for the green line to not be broken. There are no details, however, as to how a rat go onto a seat. 

Us humans can handle endless delays but this poor little guy just couldn't. He's survived by his 187 children and his wife, Minerva. Condolences and flowers can be sent to that blue dumpster behind the alley off Boulevard St-Laurent.

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No one knew his name and we couldn't get in touch with his wife or children for comment. His wife, Minerva, was especially torn up about it. They're making due, however, having just found a bunch of pizza crusts

Indeed, Montreal's metro system is a famous destination for rats all around town. With its cheap rent and attractive school districts, rats can truly settle down. Many are inspired by Fievel Mousekewitz, a folk hero for all rodent kind. 

Rumour has it that this unfortunate rat got lost playing a game of hide and squeak with some of his 187 children. He took a wrong turn and ended up in a bad place.

If you spot any of his kin, make sure to offer your condolences. And maybe next time you're on the green line, leave a flower on the seat beside you (and pick it up before you get off to avoid littering).

A couple of nights ago, a dead rat was photographed on the STM's green line. No one knows where it came from but everyone has been struck by this tragedy. 

For all the reactions about the green line's latest victim, check out the original post to Spotted: STM

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