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Disney Is Filming A "Home Alone" Reboot In Montreal This Winter & Here's How To Get A Part

This could be your big break, ya filthy animal.
Disney "Home Alone" Reboot Is Shooting In Montreal & Here's How To Get A Part

According to the website Pop Goes The News, there is going to be a Disney reboot of Home Alone shot in Montreal, meaning you can actually get in on the action, you filthy animals.

The new film is set to be shot in Montreal this winter, between February and April, much like the first film which cost $18 million to film in Chicago and went on to make $476 million USD at the box office.

The new film is set to follow a husband and wife duo that is up against a young boy, Max, who has stolen something from them, Collider reports.

There are no set details available yet about the cast, crew or production, aside from knowing that the film will be shot in Montreal. The Observer did report that Dan Mazer was in talks to direct a script written by SNL's longtime faves Mikey Day and Streeter Seidel.

So if you're feeling festive this winter and maybe want to be an extra (or more) on the set of this pretty historic reboot, take a look at some of our tips below and you may just get your big break!

The Home Alone franchise has certainly been a stable in Christmas pop culture since the year of its release, with "filthy animal," becoming the insult of choice as soon as snow starts to fall.

Macaulay Culkin reprised his role as Kevin in a recent video ad for Google Home, though it's likely that he won't be a part of the reboot.

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Which isn't to say Culkin wasn't on board with the project, considering the tweet below where he told Disney to call him after he found out about the reboot.

The Observer indicated in their article "the studio is looking for a big name for the female lead," but outside of that the casting is likely wide open. So if you live in the Montreal area, you've probably got a pretty good shot at getting your foot in the door. 

The casting website eBoss Canada is one of the best ways to find open casting calls in your area. It was through them that we found out the Shia LaBeouf movie that is being shot in Montreal right now was in need of a newborn baby.

If you go to you can search for casting calls in the Montreal area. So keep your eye on that space, because it's likely that there will be plenty of roles, both big and small, needed for the Home Alone reboot slated to start filming in the city early next year.

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