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Disney's Home Alone Reboot Is Officially Filming In A Montreal-Area Park

Maman, I'm in Parc St. Mark!
Disney's Home Alone Reboot Is Officially Filming In Longueuil
  • The city of Longueuil has just announced that Disney's Home Alone reboot will officially be filming in the Montreal suburb.
  • The famous Christmas market in Parc St. Mark will be one notable location that Quebecers will be able to spot in the film when it's finished.
  • More details below!

The City of Longueuil has just announced that the Disney's Home Alone reboot will officially be shooting in Parc St. Mark, which is found on rue Saint-Charles in the South Shore Montreal suburb. The main appeal of the park for the film is apparently the Christmas market as well as the "traditions of Longueuil," according to a statement on the Longueuil website (in French).

The reboot is set in Chicago, like the original, so Longueuil will still be representing the windy city while giving Quebecers something to be proud of.

In fact, there are almost too many movies to count that being shot in the Montreal area right now, so we certainly have a lot to be proud of right now.

It's clear our city creates the perfect winter wonderland backdrop for holiday films and the Quebec film tax credit continues to put La Belle Province at the top of the list when producers are looking for places to film.

From the historic buildings of the Old Port to the bustling core of Ville-Marie, Montreal can easily stand in for countless cities, both in the past and current day.

Now, Longueuil can count itself in the list of Montreal-area locations that will go down in film history. 

The post below was shared by the Longueuil Facebook page. Translation below.

The post reads, "Disney has chosen Parc St. Mark, located on rue Saint-Charles in Longueuil, in order to shoot some holiday scene for the new version of the famous film, Home Alone, made popular in 1990."

"It's the Christmas Market and the traditions of Longueuil, both known attractions for 13 years, which have been supported by the City and whose reputation is well established, that attracted the cinema giant and which will reproduce the famous city of Chicago in these places."

On the city's website, they also note that Longueuil has long been a "prime location for production companies," where both film and television production is a "booming economic sector."

Other famous films that have been shot in the area include the Québécois series Fugueuse, District 31, and Les beaux malaises.

Quebec's own Xavier Dolan also filmed his movie Mommy in the area.

Other details about this film have been hard to find... and trust me, we've been trying.

What we do know is the cast of the reboot, which includes some hilarious actors like Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper.

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