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This Downtown Montreal Café Makes Latte Art That Literally Belongs In A Museum

We always knew coffee was an art form!

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This Downtown Montreal Café Makes Latte Art That Literally Belongs In A Museum
Courtesy of Mono Cafe

Coffee drinkers know that a cup of java is a beautiful thing. But Montreal's Mono Cafe, a café and sandwich shop downtown, is making downright masterpieces with its exquisite latte art.

Made with 100% organic coffee by a part-time barista named George, Mono's artistic drinks have become iconic in the city's coffee scene.

But this café's gorgeous drinks aren't the only reason to check it out.

You can also pick up one of seven sandwiches currently on the menu. Each sandwich is served with Italian vegan bread and organic vegan dressing. There are kosher and halal meat options as well as vegetarian options for fillings.

Plus you can't forget the delicious pastries! Mono serves mini loaves, polenta and walnut brownies as well as croissants and scones. Like the rest of the menu, all ingredients used in the pastries are organic and there are vegan options.

Drinks range from 100% organic juices to hot chocolate, matcha lattes, iced lattes, tea lattes and more.

The head office and main branch are located in the Golden Square Mile among some of the city's most renowned art galleries, and Mono's beverages fit in perfectly.

So pick up some drinkable art and enjoy the creativity that Montreal has to offer in a new and tasty way.

Mono Café

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Café and sandwich house

Address: 2035, rue Crescent, Montreal, QC*

Why You Need To Go: For coffee that is a literal work of art.


*This article has been updated.

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