Downtown Montreal Has An All-New Matcha Café And Ice Cream Shop

Matcha Zanmai is the place to be this summer!
Downtown Montreal Has An All-New Matcha Café And Ice Cream Shop

Matcha is a delicious and flavourful finely powdered green tea from Japan that has captured the hearts of many Montrealers. In recent years, the classic Japanese specialty has seen a huge surge in popularity in North America, with many cafés and ice cream shops stocking the green treat to the delight of many. 

The matcha powder is used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and wagashi dessert making. In Montreal, there are many places that offer matcha products, but few actually use traditional processes. 

Matcha Zanmai aims to change that! Montreal's newest matcha café and ice cream shop uses matcha sourced from Nishio, Japan. Matcha Zanmai offers traditional matcha tea, matcha lattes, matcha ice cream, parfaits, and cakes!

Located at 1428 Mackay, right next to Concordia University, Matcha Zanmai will quickly become your new favourite go-to spot!

Today, May 8th marks their official "soft opening" and I was there to bring you all a sneak-peek! Their menu is awesome and full of delicious matcha-infused drinks and desserts. Matcha Zanmai also offers non-matcha green teas. 

I sampled the "Zanmai Signature," an all-dressed parfait made with azuki, matcha jelly, shiratama, and matcha cake. It was as amazing as it sounds, believe me! 

Teddy Elliot

How you drink your matcha is entirely up to you! Hot or cold, in a latte, or with almond milk, you can guarantee that your matcha beverage will be absolutely delicious. 

Teddy Elliot

Not only that, but Matcha Zanmai has soft-serve matcha ice cream made with the same authentic ingredients. You can also get delicious matcha cakes and small desserts.

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Matcha Zanmai is set up to be a bustling spot for amazing matcha drinks and ice cream. They have a bunch of tables and outlets so you can be sure that this place will be a popular study spot come September. 

Teddy Elliot

When you do eventually end up going, make sure to get one of their delicious desserts to accompany your matcha beverage!

Teddy Elliot

Matcha Zanmai is open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 9 PM, Monday to Friday and from 12:30 PM to 8 PM Saturday and Sunday.

Teddy Elliot

Show them some love and follow them on their Facebook or Instagram pages! 

I for one, am definitely going back and trying all the things!

Hope to see you all there!