Downtown Montreal Just Got An All New Vegan Café & Study Spot

Café Leaves McGill is simply wonderful!
Downtown Montreal Just Got An All New Vegan Café & Study Spot

Some of you already know and love Café Leaves on Rue de la Montagne. This small adorable coffee shop has been around since April 2016 and has captured the hearts of downtown Montreal denizens ever since.

Today, Café Leaves just opened their brand-new location on McGill College Ave in the Tour Bell Media! Known for its plant-based milk options and delicious vegan snacks from local companies such as Doughnats, Café Leaves McGill will quickly become your go-to coffee shop! 

MTLBlog brings you an exclusive look inside the new Café Leaves McGill which features a stunning open-concept design, delicious espresso, a mod-bar and a super cool V60 machine. They also offer high-speed free WiFi, lots of seating, and even a communal study table! 

Teddy Elliot

Owner Jerry Lam tells me that he hopes the new location can integrate both business professionals and students alike in their bright and open space.

The café is perfectly located to accommodate both students, professionals and many more. In the summer, McGill College Ave comes alive with the hustle and bustle of the street. 

Café Leaves McGill is officially open from 8 AM to 8 PM on most days but business hours are subject to change as the café gains steam.

Teddy Elliot

Teddy Elliot

Prices range from $2.39 for a filter coffee up to $5.22 for espresso beverages that are a little more labour intensive. 

Café Leaves McGill will soon feature a favourite of many Café Leaves regulars: an amazing wall of plants and cacti that can be yours to own!

They also have snack offerings like Doughnats and they will soon have ready-to-go salads.

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Teddy Elliot

A really cool feature of the all-new Café Leaves McGill is the integration of technologically advanced coffee making methods.

A V60 machine and a mod-bar are the hallmark features of the countertop, giving customers the perfect cup every single time. 

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Teddy Elliot

Teddy Elliot

You won't believe the difference technology makes when making the perfect coffee or espresso.

Combined with ecologically sourced coffee beans, the Leaves baristas are expert coffee makers - a seamless fusion of technology and a loving touch. 

They just opened today so send them some love if you stop by!

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Café Leaves McGill is officially open today, April 30th until 8 PM!

They're open from 8 AM to 8 PM on most days so you'll have plenty of time to stop in for some amazing coffee. 

Follow them on Instagram and send them some love! Also, if you stop by, tag us in your Instagram videos or stories @MTLBlog.