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Downtown Montreal Will Be Almost Completely Closed Off By Road Construction This Weekend

The road closures over the next few days will be debilitating.
Downtown Montreal Will Be Almost Completely Closed Off By Road Construction This Weekend

With the possibility of Montreal being completely snowed in and consumed by storm conditions over the next few days, getting around the city will already be hard enough. Driving will seem unimagineable, but it turns out that the weather is the least of our problems.

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TL;DR Transport Quebec has announced that Montreal will be completely backed up with traffic over the weekend. The numerous closures are listed below.

Yes, the Turcot Interchange will continue to cause traffic backups over the weekend, but that's not all. 

Transport Quebec has released a statement that a total closure will consume the entire Highway 720/R136 and Highway 20 heading west between Exit 5 and the Ville-Marie Tunnel as well as the entrance to 1st Ave. in Lachine.

The closure will last from 11:59PM on Friday until 5AM Monday morning. Needless to say, you'll want to avoid driving at all costs this weekend.

Vue sur la nouvelle bretelle A-20 est vers A-15 nord en construction. Pour suivre en image l’évolution des travaux du projet #Turcot :

November 26, 2018

In fact, downtown Montreal will be effectively closed off. It will be nearly impossible to easily access the city centre by car.

If that wasn't bad enough, even more closures across the city will take place during the same hours:

  • Temporary entrance on Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue Blvd. to Highway 20 west.
  • Temporary entrance to Highway 20 West at St-Antoine and Rose-de-Lima Sts.
  • Entrance to the Ville-Marie at St-Antoine/Sanguinet St./Hôtel-de-Ville Ave.
  • Highway 15 (Décarie) entrance onto Highway 20 West
  • Ramp from Highway 15 North onto Highway 20 West (Exit 63-O)
  • Two of the four lanes on Highway 15 North between the Turcot Interchange and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce tunnel.
  • Highway R136/720 East toward downtown between the Turcot Interchange and entrace to Ville-Marie Tunnel and de la Cathédrale St.
  • Ramp from Highway 15 South to R136/720 East
  • Ramp from the 20 East to R136/720 East
  • Ramp from the 20 East to the 15 North (Décarie)

But wait, there's more! Even more closures will commence over the weekend during different times:

  • Entrance to Highway 15 South from Atwater Ave. to the Champlain Bridge from 10PM on Friday to 5AM Monday
  • Mercier Bridge in the direction of Kahnawake/R138 West will be closed with reduced traffic to one lane in either direction on the Montreal-bound side from 10PM Friday to 5AM Monday
  • Highway 25 South is closed Friday at 11PM until Saturday at 8AM between Exit 4 (Souligny Ave.) and R132 on the South Shore, the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Tunnel will be included

So, if you had any plans of leaving the city this weekend, just don't. Unless walking to your destination is an option, you won't be going anywhere.

For more information, visit Tranport Quebec HERE.


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