Downtown Montreal Will Completely Transform For The New Reality This Summer (PHOTOS)

The way we get around downtown will be dramatically changed.
Downtown Montreal Will Completely Transform For The New Reality This Summer (PHOTOS)

Downtown Montreal will have some new features this summer. As per the city's plan to reopen certain businesses on May 25, the minds at Destination Centre-Ville went to work to figure out how to manage the flow of people using rue Saint-Catherine Ouest and boulevard de Maisonneuve. They came up with several innovative solutions that will completely transform the way we move around downtown Montreal

"With businesses reopening as of May 25, we want to do our part to reassure citizens via the implementation of concrete measures that address the progressive return of workers and clients while respecting current health regulations," said Emile Roux, Executive Director of Destination Centre-Ville. 

In visuals shared with MTL Blog, Destination Centre-Ville outlined four solutions: sanitary bike stations along de Maisonneuve, new signage and street furniture along Sainte-Catherine, and a 20-person cleaning brigade.

"It is becoming even more essential to offer Montrealers the safe public spaces they need to shop, go to work or just get some fresh air while staying active," said Mayor Valérie Plante. 

"These new amenities will allow citizens to easily and safely travel downtown while respecting physical distancing. It is also great news for the businesses downtown which were hit hard by the crisis."

Sanitary Bike Stations 

Four bike stations will pop up along boulevard de Maisonneuve as of June and will remain until October 4.

Each one is free to use and can accommodate 50 bicycles. There will also be charging stations for electric bikes. 

Courtesy of Îlot 84 & Destination centre-ville

The stations will be supervised from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will be accessible at night without supervision. 

Courtesy of Îlot 84 & Destination centre-ville

"Numerous bike stands equipped with a disinfectant solution over the summer (more than 800 litres), cleaning stations and a reception area to communicate health regulations will be installed in multiple strategic locations downtown," said Roux. 

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Signage & Furniture In Waiting Lines

With parts of Sainte-Catherine Ouest becoming pedestrian-only thoroughfares, the extra space will be used to guarantee social distancing. 

Sidewalks will now have three aisles: one for two-way pedestrian traffic, one for people waiting in line, and a rest area with colourful cubes as furniture. 

Courtesy of Dix au Carré & Destination centre-ville

Separations will be demarcated according to coloured lines in the pavement. 

Courtesy of Dix au Carré & Destination centre-ville

"The new installations on Saint Catherine Street West are vital for merchants to be able to open their doors under the right conditions," said Paul- André Goulet, owner of the Sports Experts on Saint Catherine Ouest. 

Courtesy of Dix au Carré & Destination centre-ville

It's bound to be a summer like no other. 

Stay tuned for more news.