Downtown Montreal's First Ever Krispy Kreme Location Wants To Hire You ASAP

Dream job!
Downtown Montreal's First Ever Krispy Kreme Location Wants To Hire You ASAP

Are you a donut lover? Hunting for a  job? I'm assuming if you clicked this article then you answered yes to at least one of the questions above.

And if you did then have I got some good news for you!

Krispy Kreme's forthcoming location in downtown Montreal is officially hiring, meaning you could be their next donut creator!

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TL;DR Listen up, donut aficionados! Krispy Kreme is hiring for their forthcoming downtown Montreal location, so submit your resumes now!

We reportedlast month that Krispy Kreme intended to open their doors "mid-March," which has clearly come and gone, but that doesn't mean we should give up hope.

Quite the opposite. Our very own reporter, Alex Melki, actually visited the location last week and they are hard at work trying to get the location open for all of us donut lovers.

The location is set to open on Sainte-Catherine Ouest near Place-des-Arts metro and part of why the grand opening has been pushed back, again and again, was a fire that hit the store.

But they've been doing their best to get the new location up and running, and one of those steps is hiring staff!

@krispykremecanembedded via  

They've been hiring for a while, but the post above is still up on their Instagram, which means they likely have more positions to fill. 

The e-mail to send your resume and cover letter is:

Krispy Kreme also has acareers page on their Canadian website that allows you to submit your resume.  

Happy job hunting! And we'll be here to let you know when that sweet sweet donut shop finally opens.