Even More Major Road Construction Is Coming To Almost Every Corner Of Montreal Island

The CAQ will invest $1.1 billion to improve Montreal's roads.
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Even More Major Road Construction Is Coming To Almost Every Corner Of Montreal Island

2020 will see the start of yet more construction in Montreal. This time, much of it will be even closer to downtown than the Turcot project. Starting this year, the Ville-Marie and Viger tunnels, as well as the Louis-H.-Lafontaine tunnel in Montreal's East End will be under construction. Chantal Rouleau, Minister for Transport and Minister of the Metropolis announced an investment of $1.1 billion to improve and repair Montreal's road networks.

"These investments will improve our travel and ensure the sustainability of our road network," said Rouleau at a press conference Tuesday morning. 

Though the projects won't begin until the Turcot Interchange is close to finished, Montreal drivers won't be out of the orange cone woods for quite some time. Along with the tunnels, many local streets and highways will also be affected. 

The investment, which runs until 2022, will cover three major road projects: a major renovation and repair of the three tunnels; the reconstruction of Autoroute 40; and the repair of the Saint-Pierre interchange bridges. 

Minister Rouleau and the CAQ will allocate $47.5 million for roads, $971.3 for major structures, and $62.9 million for safety and efficiency. 

"The Montreal metropolitan region has an extensive road network that is essential to our economic and social development," said Rouleau.

"The government is investing as never before in public transit services, but we also have the challenge of maintaining our infrastructure." 

"Investing massively in our infrastructure means ensuring safer, more efficient and more fluid travel for all Quebecers," wrote Transport Minister François Bonnardel in a press release. 

With significant amounts of money invested in Montreal's infrastructure, the seemingly endless amount of construction will continue for the foreseeable future. 

In 2018, Project Montréal announced a $6.4 billion investment over three years to upgrading and improving Montreal's road infrastructure. Today's investment adds to that original investment but will focus on different projects. 

With work planned until 2022, it'll be quite difficult to drive around the Sud-Ouest and around the Turcot area. 

Montreal will see a total of 43 projects across the entire metropolitan area from now until 2022. 

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Here's just a taste of what kind of work there'll be in Montreal and where it'll take place in the city. 

  • Upgrading signage and lighting on major road networks;

  • Reconfiguring boulevard Notre-Dame Ouest between boulevard Angignon and de Courcelle; 

  • Reconstruction of the Autoroute 13 bridge, under Autoroute 40;

  • Installing fibre optic cables on the Champlain Bridge;

  • A major renovation of the Pie-IX bridge; 

  • Asphalting Autoroute 15 Nord, between Sherbrooke O. and Autoroute 40;

  • Repairing the major structures on Autoroute 720;

Expect these and many more projects starting this year, going to 2022 and beyond. 

To find out more about this investment, visit the Ministry of Transport's official website

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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