Everything You Need To Know About Montreal’s PY1 Pyramid In The Old Port

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Everything You Need To Know About Montreal’s PY1 Pyramid In The Old Port

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This summer, make room in your schedule for an insane new immersive venue that's going to blow any other plans you had out of the water. 

Starting June 1, Montreal will be hosting an insanely cool, completely out-of-the-ordinary multimedia experience. The PY1 pyramid in the Old Port will be home to an immersive show: Through the Echoes, and themed dance parties, every Friday and Saturday throughout the summer.

The project is a combination of laser lights, staggering visuals, and electronic dance music. Amazing vibes and fantastic crowds round off the experience, making for an immersive installation you absolutely cannot miss. 

Here's everything you need to know about PY1:

It was conceptualized by Guy Laliberté.

As a Montrealer, chances are pretty high that you know Guy Laliberté for his fame as the co-founder of Cirque Du Soleil. Now, he's solidifying his name in the out-of-the-box entertainment sphere with his new company, Lune Rouge, and the genius behind PY1.

The venue is mind-blowing.

This spectacular new entertainment venue is literally a giant pyramid. The ceiling and walls are used as screens for 360-degree projections for this otherworldly experience that stands 81 feet tall and can hold up to 1000 guests.

But it won't be here forever.

This summer, the PY1 pyramid is setting up shop in Montreal. But it won't be here forever. Launching its first official PY1 Night on June 1, PY1 will be in Montreal for all of summer 2019 - and then, the experience is heading off to Miami for the fall season. Only time will tell when it'll be in the city next, so be sure to check it out while you still can!

They have immersive shows.

Premiering on June 1, PY1 will present its first immersive show of the summer, Through the Echoes.This show, perfect for the whole family of kids 8+, will feature lasers, 360-degree projections, kinetic stage elements, atmospheric special effects, and grandiose lightscapes. This 60-minute multimedia show transports you on a technological odyssey through space and time, exploring human civilization and our place in the universe. There are a number of representations daily, from Tuesdays to Sundays.

There are thematic nights featuring 7 imaginary worlds. 

PY1 Nights

Montreal has great nightlife, but if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then PY1 Nights is the ultimate place for you. PY1 Nights redefine the landscape through seven awe-inspiring worlds, like Candy World, Underworld, Astral Plane, Taboo, and more. Seventy different local artists (think Julian Prince, Blond:ish, The Neighbors, and many other talents) are scheduled to showcase their skills under the pyramid, with everything from electronic music to visual performances promising to whisk you away to another world.

These themed nights will be held every Friday and Saturday night of the summer season, starting Saturday, June 1.

And yes, you can totally dress up!

Every event has its own theme, and guests are encouraged to dress in costume. The seven themes - Candy World, Underworld, Astral Plane, Sci-Matic, POP, Eye Wonder, and Taboo - will rotate all summer, providing unbelievable visuals, electronic music played exclusively by local artists, and unforgettable moments.

You can rent the pyramid.


Have an upcoming event? PY1's rentable pyramid brings entertainment to new heights. The first-of-its-kind venue offers cutting-edge technology and a unique, never-before-seen setting, promising guests the most memorable experience. You can rent out this incredible spot for an immersive show, cocktail reception, or seated dinner for one heck of a party.

It's no secret that Montrealers know how to enjoy their time, especially when the summer hits. This summer, though, you're going to want to prepare to experience a brand-new world. Lune Rouge Entertainment's PY1 pyramid - and its super immersive PY1 Nights - are waiting for you!

Check out PY1's website, Instagram, and Facebook for more information and to check out their upcoming events.

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