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Unique, Very Canadian Winter Sports To Try In Quebec If You're Sick Of Skiing At Tremblant
  • MTL Blog has created a list of extreme sports you can test out this winter that if you're looking to do more than the typical Canadian winter sports.
  • If you have a fear of horses, heights, speeds, or the cold - these might not be for you.
  • Find out what unique sports are offered around Montreal during the wintertime below!

There are the usual typical Canadian winter sports that we've all tried such as snowshoeing, watching 8 hours of Netflix without moving from the couch, trying to dig out a car after a Montreal snowstorm, skiing, and ice skating. 

But what about something new, what are some of the sports that will give that extra kick of adrenaline, that extra shot of endorphins that only fearing for your life (and making it through) can give you? 

We took a look at some more extreme winter sports that are quickly gaining popularity in Canada. Everything from strapping skis to your feet while clutching a rope attached to a galloping horse to rappelling down the side of a frozen waterfall - these sports will be sure to add a ton of excitement to what could be another long winter. 

No need to travel far to experience any of these sports either, they are all within a few hours driving distance from Montreal. 

Most of the places listed below open mid-December, so start the countdown, as they all need a certain amount of ideal snow or freezing conditions. So, it's best to check the individual websites to verify opening dates as they may differ.  

These adrenaline-junky extreme sports are oh so typically Canadian - dare you to try one!


Snowkiting is like if kitesurfing and snowboarding fused together to create a high adrenaline sport that helps pull you over snow or ice. The weather conditions have to be perfect as you need a strong wind (going in the right direction) to help launch you in the air. With the right gust of you can be propelled 10-15 feet in the air.

Where: Terrebonne or on the West Island of Montreal (depending on weather)

Cost: Private lessons are $87/hour for the three-hour intro course

Check it out here!


Skijoring has been gaining popularity in the last few years. It's basically alpine skiing behind a horse or dog(s). It's easy to find a place in Quebec that allows dog-skjoring as there are tons of husky kennels around the province, but if you want to try something a little different, why not get towed behind a running horse?


: Locations differ


  • Horses: $20

  • Huskies: $80 per person

Visit the website for dog-skijoring!

Visit the website for horse-skijoring!

Ice Canyoning

Chute Jean-Larose in the Mont-Saint-Anne region of Quebec is the only place in North America where you can go ice canyoning. Before you rappel down the heart-pounding 41-metre frozen waterfall, you'll get a course in basic rappelling techniques. After the descent, get ready to climb 400 stairs back up to the top.

Where: 2000 boul. du Beau-Pré, Beaupré; Chute Jean-Larose

Cost: From $72 - $107 (depending on group size)

For more info!


With over 50 kilometres of dog sled trails and only 15-minutes from Quebec City, Chenil La Pour Suite offers the best in dog sledding. Guides will teach you how to drive the sleds and then you and a friend will set out on your own arctic adventure. You will alternate driving a team of dogs sitting in the sled and enjoying the scenery.

After you're done, you can even hang out with puppies in the kennel. While not adrenaline-boosting, being swarmed by husky and malamute pups will surely keep you warm.

Where: 1925A, Chemin Lambert, Saint-Nicolas

Cost: $60/hour for adults

Click here for more info!

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