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30 Stunning Photos Of Peak Fall Foliage That Show Quebec At Its Most Beautiful

The season is already nearly over!
Fall Foliage Is At Its Peak Across Quebec (Photos)

What happened to the last few months? It seems like only yesterday that summer was ending and we were cheering on all things warm and cozy and fall-like. And now here we are slowly getting ready for the winter months. But it's already about that time to say goodbye to all the gorgeous fall foliage around Quebec. Thanks to everyone with a phone and an Instagram account, we can still experience the gorgeous colours for the rest of the year. 

We took a look through hundreds of Instagram accounts of leaf-peeping fanatics for the best pictures of fall foliage in Quebec. With everyone armed with a camera and so many beautiful spots around the province, the choices were abundant. 

Right now is closing in on the end of peak season. There are some areas in Southern Quebec that are mid-peak and sporting the intense red, yellow and orange leaves that make this time of year so magical. So, you still have a chance to see them in person in places like the Laurentians, Montérégie, and Outaouais. But you better plan your road trips and fall hikes soon before the season is officially over. 

No worries if you don't have a car. Montreal is still at its peak! Just take a walk around the city or up to Mount Royal to get a last glimpse of the leaves before winter comes rolling in. 

Keep scrolling to take a (leaf) peak and some of the 34 best pics of Quebec fall foliage treasures.  

There is a reason why Montreal is the best place in Canada during the fall and these pictures prove it. 


Who knew Laval could be so pretty?

Quebec City is gorgeous at any time of year. While the city is known for its charm at Christmas, we still recommend visiting in the fall.


The Laurentians are the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Check out some of the cute Airbnb chalets in the region for your next stay.


If you really want the best views to take in the last of the fall days, you have to check out the incomparable Mont Orford.


The picture below is one of Quebec's most stunning places to visit. It's a collection of abandoned buildings that you can hike to. It's rather haunting and beautiful and worth the trip any time of year.

Yep, of course, there has to be pics featuring Gaspésie. There is a reason people travel 10 hours in a car to get here.


If you want to see where the leaves are at their peak to check them out yourselves, take a look at this interactive map.

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