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Family Feud Is Coming To Canada And You Can Apply To Be On The Show

Time to call up the fam!
Family Feud Is Coming To Canada And You Can Apply To Be On The Show

It's time for the Family Feud

CBC is finally bringing the longtime beloved US gameshow to Canada and you and your family can officially apply to take part. 

All it takes to be in the running to appear on the show is a short writeup, along with a video featuring you and four other family members about what makes your family so special and

Steve Harvey won't be hosting the Canadian Feud, instead, it will be led by stand up comic and the creator/star of Mr. D, Gerry Dee.

Applications are still open but it's best to get in your video ASAP. If the Family Feud team likes you, you'll be asked to audition in-person which will take place starting in mid-August and running to mid-October

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The rules are pretty simple; all five team members must be 18 or older, permanent residents of Canada, and wildly enthusiastic.

The main goal for an application video is to make sure you and your family stand out. Producers are looking for those type of families that clap for each other, give high-fives, yell out things like 'good answer!' and are otherwise positive, well-adjusted cheerleaders

Videos should be about 3-5 minutes long. It's recommended that video submissions have each teammate introduces themselves, where they're from, their occupation, hobbies and anything else that makes them unique! You could even do a mock Family Feud game to show off your skills.  

If you happen to be from British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Yukon, or the Northwest Territories - you may have a leg up on the competition. Casting is open to all Canadians but they are specifically looking for participants from those areas to apply. 

You can also be part of the audience! Family Feud will be taped in Toronto in front of a studio audience.

Think your family has what it takes? Head over to CBC to apply online for the show. Click here and make yourself a star.

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