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Ferris Wheel Car Flips Over With Film Crew Inside At Montreal's La Ronde

I'll never look at a Ferris Wheel the same again.
Ferris Wheel Car Flips Over With Film Crew Inside At Montreal's La Ronde

Usually, when I think about rides, Ferris wheels definitely come in on the "super safe and not scary at all" side of the spectrum. However, I know that is not the case for a film crew that was a La Ronde last night for a movie shoot.

The film team was up on the Ferris wheel at Montreal's Six Flag location, La Ronde, when the gondola they were filming in flipped upside down.

There's no word on what film was shooting there, but as you may already know, there are several movies that are currently shooting in and around Montreal and have been almost all summer.

All we know about this film crew is that they were hoping to use La Ronde as their backdrop when the two actors and two crew members were flipped upside down. According to CTV, the four riders were "trapped" and "dangling" while they waited for rescue crews to get them off the ride.

In speaking with MTL Blog, La Ronde assured us that the ride has been closed for a "full inspection" and will "remain closed until maintenance and safety experts have determined the ride is safe for operation."

And La Ronde is certainly not the first amusement park to deal with excessive weight compromising the proper operation of a ride. A similar incident happened in Indonesia, caught on video below. 

Unfortunately, what started out as a fun film shoot ended in a likely very frightening ride. La Ronde has said that they believethe film equipment "interfered with the normal operation of the ride." CTV clarifies that it was the "weight of the equipment" that caused the incident.*

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Because of all the weight, the gondola shifted from its normal position and was uprighted while it was about six metres int he air, CTV reports. Luckily, no one was injured and we can hope that there was little to no damage to any of the film equipment.

We should also take this time to applaud the staff at La Ronde who were able to react so quickly and ensure the swift rescue the four people in the two gondolas that happened to flip. 

As mentioned above, the ride is closed indefinitely so if you do head to La Ronde any time soon you'll not want to hold your breath for that one.

But no need to be afraid of the other rides, the Ferris wheel is definitely on the simpler side of rides, unlike coasters that are created with safety and physics in mind.

Who would've thought you could be more afraid of a Ferris wheel than a coaster?

*This article has been updated.

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